Linear Mosaic Tile

The linear design provides a uniform feel to an environment. Linear mosaics are cut in a straight, symmetrical way and can be combined with a variety of colors and designs.

Are you seeking a cohesive atmosphere for any space in your home? Our linear mosaic tiles achieve this by their straight and symmetrical cuts. The beauty of the linear tile pattern lies in the combination of colors, textures, designs, and parallel cuts.

Our customers appreciate these tiles for the diverse range of colors and finishes we offer, enabling various creative design ideas. We provide linear mosaics in various materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, stone, travertine, and peel-and-stick.

You can utilize our linear tiles for various applications, such as linear mosaic tile backsplashes, wall coverings, linear fireplace surrounds, swimming pool borders, exterior countertops, floors, and shower enclosures.

Experiment with mixing and matching different attributes of our linear tiles to discover the perfect fit for your design concept. For example, you can find glass mosaics and peel-and-stick linear tiles with a wood grain finish to enhance the walls in various areas of your home.

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Showing 1–48 of 135 results