Circle Tile

The circle tile pattern has a timeless appeal, dating back to ancient civilizations where circular motifs adorned various surfaces. Today, our customers adore our selection of circle tiles, as these tiles create a captivating design with their smooth, rounded edges and symmetrical patterns.

Our circle pattern tiles are crafted from a range of high-quality materials, including ceramic, glass, marble, porcelain, and stone. They are suitable for a wide range of tiling applications, such as kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom tiles, shower tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, and outdoor paving.

The finishes available for circle pattern tiles include glossy and matte options, allowing you to tailor your interior or exterior decor to your preferred style, be it classic or contemporary. Experiment with an array of colors, including pristine white circle tiles, sleek black circle tiles, vibrant blues, serene grays, and soothing earthy tones.

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Showing all 36 results