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Swimming Pool Tile Calculator

Are you planning to install a tiled swimming pool or renovate your existing swimming pool? Determining the surface area of your swimming pool is a crucial aspect while buying swimming pool tiles. We present a swimming pool tile calculator for square and rectangular swimming pools. 


Measure and enter the values for the deep end, shallow end, length, and width of a rectangular or square swimming pool in the provided boxes. You get the surface area in square feet instantly.

Please browse our exclusive and vast collection of swimming pool mosaic tiles to choose the best tile per your pool design requirements.

Please note that you get an approximate surface area calculation, as swimming pools are in different shapes and sizes. Please calculate the area separately if you add other accents to the swimming pool, like Jacuzzi, waterfall, accent wall, or waterfall. 

We suggest you order 5% to 10% of swimming pool tiles in excess. These extra tiles are helpful as you may need to cut and fit some tiles. It would help if you also had tiles for replacements during future repairs.

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