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Square Footage Tile Calculator

If you are planning a tile installation or a renovation project to restyle your home, calculating the surface area to be tiled is a critical aspect. Our square feet tile calculator will be helpful to determine the size. 

If you are tiling a kitchen backsplash, you can use this as a kitchen backsplash tile calculator. Similarly, for tiling your shower area, this can be the shower tile calculator. Please measure the height and length of the surface in inches and enter the values in the boxes given below. You will get the area to be tiled in square feet.

This exercise hardly takes a few minutes. However, you will get clarity on your order quantity while shopping for mosaic tiles for various applications. We provide the square foot area of every tile product. Based on that, you can determine the tile quantity with ease and place your orders.

The sq ft tile calculator provides a tentative value of tiles required for installation. We suggest you order 5% to 10% of extra tiles for cutting tiles and replacements during future repairs.

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Please see Sq ft Calculator below:



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