Iridescent Tile

Our Iridescent collection showcases luminous colors that change from different angles. Take a look at our unique collection. If you plan to tile any surface for a glamorous finish with shifting colors, our iridescent tiles could be the best fit. Our designers combine glass and stone mosaics in vibrant colors, like blue, gold, silver, gray, and more, to create a catchy aesthetic appeal.

The finish makes the tile look different from different angles of view and the lighting on them. You can feel that the light is being captured within the surface and spread across the room.

Iridescent mosaic tiles are suitable for various applications. You can implement an iridescent blue tile as an iridescent pool tile. Similarly, you can implement an iridescent tile bathroom for a fascinating feeling within your shower area.

Iridescent penny tile can be used as a wall tile to glamorize your walls. A white iridescent tile can complement your all-white kitchen when installed on the backsplash.

The magnificent tile patterns – square tiles, penny round, brick, Spanish, French, modular, linear tiles, and so on will help you implement modern and classic style home decor ideas tiling various surfaces.

Buy the most spectacular iridescent mosaics by browsing through our exclusive collection of iridescent tiles. Embrace a rare style statement by choosing the appropriate iridescent glass mosaics for your next home renovation project today!

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Showing all 17 results