Honed Tile

Our customers appreciate honed mosaic tile, as it offers a unique, consistent, smooth texture. Honed stone tile features the remarkable appeal of natural stone tile with a matte, satin finish appearance. Shop for honed slate tile and other varieties in countless stylish colors and patterns by glancing through our exclusive collection.

Honed finish mosaic tiles are available in an attractive range of colors, including white, blue, brown, yellow, gold, gray, and silver. You can find a tile color suiting your design idea for sure. Tile patterns, such as brick, hexagon, herringbone, arabesque, linear, and more will help you enhance the dash of visual appeal to any surface in your interiors effectively.

Honed tile is available in different natural stone materials, such as marble, travertine, stone, and slate. Honed mosaic tile is ideal for interior and exterior tiling applications, such as exterior countertops, exterior floor tile and exterior wall tile, backsplash for kitchen and bathroom, shower tile, and fireplace tile.

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Showing all 32 results