Gray Tile

Gray or grey is a color in between black and white, like the color of an overcast sky or ashes. Gray is a very intriguing color and can be mysterious. There are plenty of different gray or grey colors in this collection.

Would you like to beautify any part of your home with tiles of that perfect shade between white and black? Our gray mosaic tiles (or grey mosaic tiles, if you prefer) help you achieve that contemporary, stylish look for your interior and exterior spaces. We offer a vast collection of gray mosaic tiles in various color combinations, including beige, brown, and gray; gray and white; black and white; blue and gray; and more.

Along with countless colors, you can choose from spectacular tile patterns like arabesque, basketweave, deco, french, and more. Brilliant tile finishes, such as glossy tiles, wood grain tiles, etc., help you implement your design aspirations through their unique textures.

We have gray mosaic tiles for numerous tiling applications like kitchen backsplash tiles, shower tiles, wall tiles, swimming pool tiles, and fireplace tiles, among others. Durable materials are offered across our line of gray tiles, like ceramic, marble, stone, travertine, peel and stick, and more.

Use the intuitive product filters on the left-hand side of the page to find the perfect tile for your next home renovation project. Our filters help you mix and match colors, applications, finishes, patterns, and styles effectively. To get a glimpse of our gray tiles, place an order for a sample, and once you are satisfied, order the entire tile quantity required. Samples are shipped to your doorstep without any additional cost!

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Showing 1–48 of 396 results