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Teardrop Tile

Teardrops don't always have to have a sad meaning, there are just as many tears of joy! This teardrop collection is a subtle beauty. Take a look. If you want a unique tile pattern to glamorize different parts of your home, our teardrop tile would be a perfect choice. Our designers have combined the beautiful shades of green, gray, and blue in a teardrop glass mosaic tile to help you display subtle beauty through these 'tears of joy!'

Our teardrop mosaic tile is suitable for tiling applications like a kitchen backsplash, shower tiles, accent walls, exterior walls, bathroom, and swimming pool tile installations.

This hand-molded glass mosaic in teardrop tile pattern comes with a mesh mount. Thus you can install it easily for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash and other areas.

This teardrop glass tile's glossy finish and attractive color combination help you execute beautiful home decor ideas. Get a sample to glimpse the quality of our tile, and then order the number of teardrop mosaics you need for your upcoming home renovation project. 

Adding a glimpse of tears of joy to your swimming pool would be an excellent way to enhance its visual appeal. We present an exclusive teardrop pool tile combining blue, green, and gray colors complementing the aqua decor theme for your swimming pools. Add elegance with a touch of modernity and subtle beauty by installing our teardrop pool tile. 

We offer this hand-molded glass mosaic pool tile in teardrop pattern mounted on a mesh for ease in installation. This mesh-mounting adds a great deal of comfort in installing these tiles for swimming pools, spas, and fountain installations.

Our teardrop glass pool tile helps you execute attractive pool design ideas.

We offer free delivery of samples and for orders above $100! get premium teardrop titles at wholesale prices!


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