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Puzzle Piece Pool Tile Patterns – exterior-wall-tile

Whether you have kids or just like the idea of puzzle pieces, this is a great collection for you. Take a look at the puzzle piece options we have! If you wish to implement an offbeat design idea for the swimming pool that your kids would love, installing our puzzle-piece pool tiles can be an excellent option. 

Puzzle piece mosaics resemble the famous jigsaw puzzle games. This fabulous pool tile pattern adds a touch of playfulness to your swimming pools.

We offer puzzle pool tiles in black, gray, green, and red colors. The combination of colors and the intricate shape of puzzle mosaics bring a unique styling element to your pool walls and floors. 

Our puzzle pool tiles are glass pool tiles, ensuring the best in the class durability. Their glossy finish adds glamour to your swimming pools.

Buy puzzle pool tiles browsing through our exclusive collection today! Please take advantage of our wholesale prices and free shipping for samples and your orders over $100!


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