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Porcelain Mosaic Tile – square

Porcelain tile is ceramic tile, Porcelain Tiles, however, are denser, harder, and less porous which makes them impervious to water. Our Porcelain tile selection is extensive, browse through our collection you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Porcelain tiles are from the family of ceramic tiles, as both are made from clay and undergo a firing cycle at high temperatures. However, porcelain tile is more durable as it is less porous than ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles have better density and hardness. 

That’s why our porcelain mosaic tiles are suitable for all wet areas, such as bathroom and shower walls, swimming pools, fountains, spas, and kitchen backsplashes tiles.

Along with this, porcelain tiles can be used for kitchen floors, exterior floors, walls, fireplaces, and outdoor countertops tiles. Therefore, you can beautify almost any part of your home by selecting the most-suited porcelain mosaic tile from our exclusive collection.

We help you choose the best porcelain tile for your home renovation projects by categorizing the range into wide-ranging patterns, finishes, and styles. Use the filters provided on your left-hand side to refine your search by mixing and matching various attributes of porcelain tiles. 

For example, you can choose porcelain tile with a wood grain finish to experience the aura of natural wood-like appeal inside your shower area or for a kitchen backsplash.

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