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Geometric Tiles, and Trapezoid Tile

Fun Shapes and Mosaic Tile - The Trapezoid Collection is a beautiful glass and comes in 3 distinct colors. Perfect for Bathroom, backsplash, feature walls, and even pools. 

Our geometric mosaic tile collection helps you implement some fun shapes in attractive colors brought on mosaics. Thanks to our design team that turns glass mosaics into beautiful glossy and metallic finishes to implement modern home decor themes.

You can beautify various parts of your home, like trapezoid tile backsplash; shower, bathroom, accent, and exterior walls; fireplaces tiles; and swimming pools tiles.

The outstanding color combinations and an unusual tile pattern help you implement modern tile design ideas for a spectacular aesthetic appeal.

Shop for trapezoid mosaics and geometric Tiles by browsing through our exclusive collection; ask for a sample, and after glancing at the tile quality, place your order for the complete trapezoid tile and geometric Tile quantity you require for the next home renovation project. 

Get the best trapezoid and geometric tiles at wholesale prices! we offer free doorstep delivery on samples and your orders over $100!


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