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Modular Tiles

Modulars add a unique and dimensioned look to a boring surface. Take a look at our modular collection for more. Modular tile combines various sizes to form a regular tile that brings an all-new dimension to almost any surface. The concept is similar to a software module that combines different attributes to function as a solution. This tile pattern is inspired by French architecture.

We offer modular pattern mosaic tiles in a wide range of attractive colors; durable tile materials, like marble, stone, and glass; and eye-catching finishes- glossy, iridescent, matte, metallic, and translucent, and more.

You will find an appropriate modular tile to suit your personal aspirations and the design theme you wish to execute. Our modular mosaics are ideal for various applications, including kitchen backsplashes, shower tiles, wall tiles, swimming pool tiles, fireplace tiles, and outdoor countertops.

Thus, you can beautify almost any part of your home by choosing suitable modular pattern tiles, browsing through our exclusive collection. We offer a complete range of modular tiles at wholesale prices! along with this, we ship samples and your orders over $100 to your doorstep for free!

Pick a modular pattern tile, ask for a sample, ensure the quality, and then place an order for the entire quantity of modular mosaics you require for the upcoming home renovation projects. Take the magnificence of the aesthetic appeal of your home to new heights by implementing our modular tiles.


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