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Linear Mosaic Tile

The linear design provides a uniform feel to an environment. Linear mosaics are cut in a straight symmetrical way, which can be combined with a variation of colors and designs.

Are you looking for a uniform feel for any environment in your home? Our linear mosaic tiles create it as they are cut straight and in symmetry. The beauty of the linear tile pattern is the combination of colors, textures, and designs, along with the parallel cuts. 

Our customers love these tiles for the wide-ranging colors and finishes we offer to facilitate various creative design ideas. We offer linear mosaics in various materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, stone, travertine, and peel and stick.

You can use our linear tiles for various applications, such as linear mosaic tile backsplash, wall tiles, linear fireplace tile, swimming pool tiles, exterior countertops, floor tiles, and shower tiles. 

Try mixing and matching various attributes of our linear tiles to find the best fit for your design idea. For instance, you can find glass mosaics and peel and stick linear tiles in a wood grain finish to beautify walls in various parts of your home.

Shop for linear mosaic tiles browsing through our exclusive collection. Make the most of the filters we provide on your left-hand side to choose the most appropriate tile variety. We offer the entire collection at wholesale prices! you get samples delivered to your doorstep for free! also, enjoy free shipping on orders above $100!