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Cobalt Blue Tile – mosaic

Cobalt is a beautiful blue color. It symbolizes depth, trust, and loyalty making it a great color to add to any home. 

Cobalt is an elegant blue color that was originally created by grinding and combining natural elements, cobalt oxide, and aluminum oxide. We offer cobalt blue mosaic tile in exciting tile patterns, like modular tiles and stacked squares tiles, to help you beautify the wet areas in your home as well as many other applications. 

Our cobalt glass mosaic tiles are offered in numerous brilliant finishes, like polished and translucent finishes, making them a great choice for bathrooms, swimming pools, spas, fountain areas, kitchen backsplashes, walls, shower areas, and fireplaces.

Shop for cobalt glass mosaic tiles from our collection to take the visual appeal of various parts of your home to the next level. Choose us as your preferred mosaic tile online store, order samples to test different patterns or finishes, and the whole quantity of the sample of cobalt mosaic tiles you select and your orders over $100 will be delivered to your doorstep for free!


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