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Classic Tile – green

Our Classic tiles have been judged over a period of time to be the best quality and outstanding to all other tiles, Simple elegant style not greatly subject to changes in the industry. This is typically recognized right away, a work of art with established value.

Our customers admire our classic tile designs due to their excellent quality and the positive change they bring to the aesthetics of any room. We have the most innovatively designed classic mosaic tile patterns, like Brick tiles, Deco tiles, Spanish tiles, Subway tiles, and more.

Our classic tiles and mosaics help you attain a remarkable, vintage-style aura through our classic designs suitable for various tiling applications, including kitchen backsplash, wall, shower, fireplace, and exterior tiling needs for your swimming pools, spas, fountain installations, exterior countertops, exterior walls, and exterior floor tiles.

Implement a truly classic style statement for various parts of your home by choosing from wide-ranging colors, finishes, and materials from our classic tile design collection. 

why pay for sample shipping? we take pride in delivering samples, and orders above $100 for absolutely free! Order a sample of the classic style mosaic tile you like to assess the quality of our tiles. Then, place your order for the entire tile quantity you need for your upcoming home renovation project. 

We are constantly adding new creatively designed classic mosaic tiles to our collection. Hurry up and place your orders while the stock of the current classic design mosaic tiles lasts!


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