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Chevron Tile

The Chevron tile pattern has a history of over a century, as it was used on ceramics and rock carvings in Greece in the 1800s. Today, our customers love our collection of chevron tiles as these tiles produce an intricate design through their ‘V’ shape connecting tiles with each other along vertical edges. 

Our chevron pattern tiles are available in various materials, including ceramic, glass, marble, porcelain, and stone. These are ideal for multiple tiling applications such as kitchen backsplash tiles, bathroom tiles, shower tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, fireplace tiles,  and exterior countertop tiles.

The glazed and natural finish tiles in chevron pattern help you decorate your home in classic or modern styles. To suit your design idea, mix and match various colors, such as white chevron tiles, black chevron tiles, blue, gray, and turquoise tiles.

Browse through the exclusive collection of chevron tiles, order a sample, take a look at our tile quality, and place your order for the entire tile quantity you need. Get the tiles of your choice with free shipping for orders above $100, including complimentary sample shipping! Hurry up and choose your chevron pattern tiles to beautify various parts of your home.


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