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4X4 Tile

Our customers love our 4X4 tile, as it is the suitable tile size to enhance the visual charm of nooks and corners of your home. Our distressed, 3D, and unique kaleidoscope 4X4 white tiles bring magnificent elegance to your home. 

We offer 4X4 tiles in a wide array of attractive colors, like black, brown, gray, green, and silver.

Pick from various patterns - 4X4 decorative tiles, Spanish, mosaic patterns, and hexagon tiles. 

4X4 tiles are available in excellent finishes- glossy, matte, and glazed ceramic and in different durable materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and glass mosaics. 


Aligning your decor, choose an appropriate tile style out of modern and classic themes. 

This is a versatile tile size. You can implement these tiles for wide-ranging tiling applications - 4X4 backsplash tile, bathroom tile, shower tile, fireplace tile, swimming pool tile, interior and exterior accent walls, and flooring.

We cover widely used color palettes, designs, textures, and finishes - so you find a suitable tile per your design aspirations in your most preferred mosaic tile online shopping portal.

Browse our exclusive collection of 4X4 tiles to pick the perfect tile for your home renovation project or an all-new tile installation. Use the filters on your left-hand side to mix and match available tile parameters.

Order a sample to check the quality of our tiles - get the free shipping of samples to your doorstep! 

When satisfied, determine the tile quantity you need and place your orders. Avail free shipping on orders over $100  and wholesale prices for all your orders!

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