3X6 Subway Tile

3X6 Subway Tile

If you desire to glamorize any surface in your home with the original size of subway tiles, our 3x6 tile is for you! Historically, the never-ending trend of subway tile patterns had started in this size. However, thanks to our designers, who create some exciting varieties to spruce up your homes.

We have an exquisite range of tile colors in 3x6 tile patterns - white, gray, beige, black, brown, and cream. You can find a 3x6 tile to suit your modern, classic, or contemporary style home decor aspirations.

We offer 3x6 mosaic tiles in durable materials, including ceramic, marble, and glass mosaics. These wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant materials ensure a long-lasting elegance to your tiling installations using 3x6 subway tiles.

3x6 tiles are available in various tile finishes - glossy, matte, distressed, wood grain, and linen look. Explore the finishes of your choice and bring unique decor themes across different interior surfaces.

Innovative patterns, like subway, brick, and beveled tiles, help you execute outstanding visual appeal in various parts of your homes. Our 3x6 mosaics are suitable for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, shower areas, accent walls, fireplaces, swimming pools, and flooring.

Pick a tile browsing our exclusive collection of 3x6 subway tiles, and order a sample to check tile quality & avail free shipment for the samples! When satisfied, order the calculated tile quantity to glamorize any surface. 

Choose us as your most preferred mosaic tile online shopping portal to get premium 3x6 tiles wholesale. We deliver your orders of over $100 for free!


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