1x6 Trim Tile

1x6 Trim Tile

If you are looking for trim or pencil pattern tiles to create borders, our 1x6 tile is made for a similar application. You can implement a 1x6 mosaic tile for customizing tile patterns.

Installing 1x6 tile to create borders for your kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, swimming pool walls, flooring, etc., you can avoid tile edges.

We offer 1x6 mosaics in various colors, like beige, brown, gray, ivory, and 1x6 white tile. You can pick a suitable color per the other tile colors and implement beautiful tile borders that add exquisiteness to your tiling installations.

Apart from trim or pencil patterns used for borders, you can customize and install 1x6 tiles in various other designs.

An offset of half the breadth from the adjacent tile line can make them 1x6 subway tiles. Similarly, an inclined and parallel tile arrangement with locking edges will convert them into 1x6 herringbone tiles.

We offer 1x6 mosaic tiles in durable tile materials, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles. That’s the reason these tiles last longer, keeping your tile borders, subway, and herringbone pattern implementations intact for years ahead.

Order a sample with free shipping to soothe your curiosity about how 1x6 pencil tiles look for your application. Once you are satisfied with the quality, place your order for the required tile quantity. Leverage our wholesale prices and save your bucks by availing free shipping on orders over $100!

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