What Type of Tiles Should You Install in Your Dog Shower?

What Type of Tiles Should You Install in Your Dog Shower?

Every pooch parent has the responsibility of washing his or her dog, especially after engaging in an intense round of outdoor fetch or muddy play. Thankfully, the job can be made much easier by owning a washing station designed specifically for the task. Because of this, an increasing wave of dog owners is having pet-only bathing spots installed right in their homes.

Owning your own dog washing station limits the amount of dirt and water your pet is prone to spreading throughout your house. Custom-built showerheads also make cleaning every inch of your fur baby possible. Perhaps most importantly, the personalized touches and custom features designed to accommodate your animal’s needs help induce calm. This makes the entire experience as relaxing and struggle-free as possible for both you and your canine. Read on to learn about the many tile options that can be used when building a dog-washing station. The following information should help you identify which type is right for you and your favorite tail-wager.

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choices for dog washing stations. Super stylish and easy to clean, they are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and water-resistant. Even better, they are impervious to bacteria, meaning your doggy bath will always remain mold-free. Ceramic tiles reign supreme as the ultimate choice in convenience and maintenance.


Grid Tiles

Select grid tiles if you’re looking for a seriously fashionable choice. They’re perfect for spaces such as laundry rooms, where having a washer and dryer right next to sopping wet pooches is highly convenient. Available in solid colors or with unique design accents, these tiles have a snazzy look that fits perfectly inside contemporary homes.

Faux Wooden Tiles 

Perhaps you are the rugged outdoors type. Nothing provides more pleasure than hunting with Fido by your side or having your loyal companion accompany you on fishing trips. In all likelihood, your home probably features an abundance of natural wood. Although wood cannot be used for bathroom floors where soapy hounds are guaranteed to drip, tiles can be made that look as though they came directly from the lumberyard. Country hounds should feel perfectly comfortable stepping on these imitation planks.

Subway Tiles

Nothing screams urban living like subways. What’s cooler than having your dog bath look like one? If your dog is more city slicker than nature-lover, consider this style. The clean lines created by these tiles make for a classic look. Available in white or gray with black accents, their simple perfection is unlikely to ever be surpassed.

Imagery Tiles

Picture tiles offer dog-lovers an opportunity to incorporate playfulness and creativity into dog showers. Choose imagery that reflects your pet’s personality. Bold stripes may be representative of your dog’s gregarious character or perhaps flowers better match your pup’s cuddly disposition. From breed-specific depictions to beloved cartoon characters such as Scooby Doo, the choices are limitless. This is a great way to incorporate whimsy and originality into your animal-bathing experience.

Faux Marble Tiles

Tiles made from dark marble are the ultimate in luxury design. For most, the price of actual marble remains prohibitive, yet lookalike tiles remain just as attractive. Your four-legged friend won’t be able to tell the difference! Perfect for practically any home, they can be molded into intriguing shapes, one exotic example being hexagons. All you have to do is choose a pattern that neatly fits with your home’s design.

A space devoted exclusively to bathing your canine is a home addition that any dog owner is certain to love. After carefully mulling over what sort of tiles you want to create yours with, contact a renowned and trusted tile provider and bring your vision to life.


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