Using Black Tile in your Renovation or Remodel - Timeless, Modern
Black in your Renovation or Remodel - Timeless, Modern, & Underestimated

Black in your Renovation or Remodel - Timeless, Modern, & Underestimated

Regardless of the time period or creative direction being provided. Black is a color that will simply never go out of style, a color that will always work. When used haphazardly, yes, it can come off as drab or even depressing. But black is a color that requires finesse and thought. Anything with class and stature takes a certain level of attention and care to be properly understood and respected.


Black is strong, modern, and still elegant, somewhat mysterious even. Sleek. When used properly, there is no denying its timeless nature.


Beyond Everyday Use


Today, black is a common color of choice for home accents and finishings. It is about time we take advantage of it and use it more prominently. You don’t have to be a minimalist, a fashion director, or even some obscure billionaire to create beautiful visuals using large amounts of black in your choice of interior design. Think black accent walls, black furniture, black fixtures, monochromatic bathrooms.


The key is to create a sense of balance. Lighting is always key. But when designing a prominently black interior you have to be sure to provide a a good amount of contrast using bright and bold accents. This allows to break up the black and provide levels of depth between foregrounds, backgrounds, and separating areas. This also helps prevent a space from looking too black. (In my opinion there’s no such thing as too much black, but the point is you need to be able to tell individual pieces a part instead of feeling like you’re looking into a black hole where there is no sense of individual objects).


Remember, contrast is everything. The right amount of contrast can be the difference between a gloomy, depressing vibe and a seductive, elegant, even luxurious one. If the primary base color of your room is black (walls, flooring, etc), then take advantage of bold or monochromatic shades in your furniture, decorations, even artwork.


Think Outside the Box


Using black can go beyond simple things like paint, furniture, and decorations. Think black tile, both for floors and walls. Glass even metals are viable options. Fixtures can help further accent these choices such as sinks, handles, knobs, even appliances (black, stainless fridge and stovetop anyone?). Even doors. Everything is fair game. That’s what makes black special. There isn’t a single thing that can’t be black. A growing trend specifically over the last year has been matte black. It can be prone to fingerprints and requires a little more maintenance than the average finish but its subtle sophistication is undeniable.


Combining different black finishes is also an excellent way to take further advantage of black as a color itself. Matte black countertops attached to gloss black backsplashes, accented by satin black fixtures and general items that provide an excellent blending of styles that are still individually identifiable without merging into a single solid mass of black.


The question at the end of the day really is, just how far are you willing to go when it comes to using black as a prominent color of any interior?


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