Trending Modular Pool Tiles in 2021
Trending Modular Pool Tiles in 2021

Trending Modular Pool Tiles in 2021

Is installing a new swimming pool in your backyard on the ‘home improvement’ list? Or maybe you already have a pool or spa, but it's in desperate need of a remodel? Selecting the best pool tiles will be the most crucial decision in executing your dream pool installation or renovation project. Beyond just how nice the tiles look, other factors like how long they last, or how easy they are to maintain, are also extremely important.

Mosaic Tile Outlet offers a spectacular range of modular pool tiles that add elegance and a sophisticated styling statement to your pools. Regardless of the size and shape of your swimming pool, our range of modular pool tiles fits your aesthetic needs. We offer a wide range of modular pool tiles at various prices, so you can easily choose the best-suited product for your design theme.

What are Modular Tile Designs?

You can see that ‘Modular Pool Tiles’ is a category based on the tile pattern. Of course, all the tiles under this category possess the necessary properties making them most appropriate for the application. However, you must be wondering why these are known to be ‘modular’ tiles? Aren’t you?


The term ‘modular’ relates to individual modules that can be programmed independently for a dedicated purpose. Yet, they come together to form an intent-specific solution. Similarly, the modular pool tiles have an array of independent segments, sometimes with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Yet, all put together, they create a spectacular tile that beautifies your swimming pools.


modular pool tiles

Most Popular Modular Pool Tiles

You must be excited to know which modular pool tiles are gaining popularity in recent times. Choosing the best-selling modular pool tiles helps you bring a trendy and catchy look to your swimming pool. Again, you can also plan the renovation of the other decorative elements in your exterior space parallelly.


Here are our picks for modular pool tiles that bring an exciting appeal to your pools:


  • Blue & Yellow Modern Glass Mosaic Pool Tile


We have created this modern-looking glass mosaic tile. It goes perfectly with any kind of pool and surrounding space. Interestingly, we digitally print the pattern on the glass mosaic tile surface to enhance every intricate detail.


This modular pool tile has been loved by our customers for the rare sense of styling it offers and the color combination that enhances the ambiance taking it to the next level.


Glass mosaic tiles


As this is a glass mosaic tile with a glossy finish, it is ideal to be installed in swimming pools and spas. It has a well-designed combination of blue and yellow color shades that makes them enticing for eyes and soul. Shop for this tile product to make your swimming pool the center of attraction for your loved ones and visitors.


  • Turquoise Translucent Glass Modular Mosaic Pool Tile


How about beautifying your pool by installing a modular pool tile with an iridescent finish? You and the spectators would be thoroughly overwhelmed to watch this finish that mimics the look of frown dew drops on the surface. Exciting! Isn’t it?


As you combine these tiles with similar color shades for other elements in and around your pools, they create a more attractive appearance altogether. We provide these modular pool tiles mesh-backed with interlocking sheets. Thus, you can install them in your swimming pools with a great deal of ease.


modern french pattern turquoise glossy glass  mosaic tile

This modular pool tile has a glossy, translucent finish. This feature helps you make your pool area stand out from the other installations in your exterior space. You can also install this tile in your shower or kitchen backsplash. This tile is perfect for bringing out the modern appeal to your exteriors.

  • Blue & Beige Modern Glass Mosaic Pool Tile


If you are looking for a crisp, clean appearance for your swimming pool, this modular pool tile would be a perfect choice. The pool tile blends attractive color shades of blue and beige. We offer this product in a glossy finish. Thus, you can achieve a unique aesthetic appeal for your pools by installing these modular pool tiles.

Though you may miss the dazzling effect, the overall aura created after installing these modular pool tiles would be awesome to watch. The crispness and the neutral appearance of the pool make it artistic. Shop for these modular pool tiles today to add value to your swimming pools.
Interestingly, these tiles are ideal for many other wall applications, like bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, feature walls, fireplaces, and fountain applications.

modern modular blue beige glossy glass mosaic tile
  • Modern Blue, Brown & Aquamarine Iridescent Glass Mosaic Pool Tile

This modular pool tile is another example of a French pattern mosaic tile that combines various color shades to bring glamorous aesthetics to your pools. The product combines blue, brown, and aquamarine color shades for a totally offbeat elegance.

This modern modular pool tile creates a vibrant appeal, and modular pool tiles are also easy to install and maintain. The beauty of this product is the creative execution of different shades of blue. Again, along with the iridescent, translucent finish, these tiles look excellent.

modern french pattern aquamarine glossy glass mosaic tile

Let the shades of blue merge with the ambiance of your pool waters. Together these elements generate a rare sense of style for your pool and the entire exterior space. Buy these modular pool tiles, calculating the required quantity, using our pool calculators for square and rectangular pools and circular pools.

  • Black & Brown Translucent Glass Mosaic Pool Tile

If you want a modular pool tile other than the typical blue shades, this pool tile with a modular pattern and soil-like color would be a perfect fit. The tile combines brown and black color shades. Thus, the tiles create contrast with the color of water in the pool.

The pattern on this modular pool tile fabulously combines rectangular shapes. It would be better to match the other elements around the pool, like waterline tiles and deck, with this color to create a harmonious appearance.

modern french pattern brown glossy glass mosaic tile

This modular pool tile goes well for your pools, fountain set-up, and any other water feature in the exterior space. Again, you can use this tile for kitchen backsplash and bathrooms too. Order this modular pool tile to connect your pool water with an earth-like surface for an indifferent style statement.

  • The Bottom Line

Mosaic Tile Outlet offers a wide range of modular pool tiles. Our products help you to remodel your pools and for new installations as well. We cover the best-selling modular pool tiles that receive appreciation from our customers. These most popular tile products help you beautify your pools and last longer too.

Take the elegance of your swimming pools, spas, fountain areas, and other water features in the exteriors to new heights installing our modular pool tiles.


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