Top Trending Tile Patterns in 2022
Top Trending Tile Patterns in 2022

Top Trending Tile Patterns in 2022

Selecting the appropriate mosaic tile for your next project can be difficult and overwhelming, to say the least. Would Herringbone or Hexagon be better for your kitchen backsplash? Is Square or Subway tile better for this feature wall? With so many patterns, colors, materials and finishes to choose from - just knowing where to start can seem impossible.


In this article, we'll walk you through the most popular trending tile patterns for 2022, making it a bit easier to choose the right mosaic tile for your next project. After reading this, you'll be able to confidently navigate our vast collection of tile patterns and choose the ones that will turn your design dream into a stylish reality.


Are you looking to achieve a soft, alluring appeal throughout your interior spaces? Or are you searching for a bolder, more vibrant and eye-catching tile design to implement? Ultimately, our vast collection of mosaic tiles can meet the most conservative, or the wildest, tile design aspirations - AND we have the experience and service to make your purchase and installation experience as painless as possible. 


What do we mean by "Tile Pattern"?


Generally, a pattern refers to a repeated occurrence. Similarly, a tile pattern refers to the shapes within each tiles surface, and the shapes that extend from one tile surface to the next, creating a random or repetitive pattern. In most tile patterns, tiles of the same shape and size are arranged to achieve a continuous pattern. Yet, in some rare cases, the pattern is attained by arranging tiles of different shapes and sizes across a surface. In any case, the tile pattern should be chosen to align with the overall interior design theme, other elements in the space - like furniture, fixtures and colors - and the performance and cleanability requirements for the surface.


Why Do Tile Patterns Matter?


Imagine a home with concrete flooring and unpainted walls. Would you consider this a stylish or elegant interior? Probably not. When you think of stylish interior spaced, you probably picture various colors, materials and patterns working together to achieve a cohesive and harmonious theme. 


To achieve such a cohesive and harmonious design theme, in interior or exterior spaces, you need to combine various materials, colors, textures, and more. When it comes to the floor surfaces and wall surfaces in these spaces, tile is often utilized for both aesthetic and performance driven considerations. The tile patterns, materials, colors and finishes chosen then becomes an integral component of the overall design theme. 


Tile patterns help you to achieve the desired visual appeal and tie together the other elements of the interior or exterior space. Tile patterns can either subtly accent a wall or floor, or they can make the wall or floor the focal point of the entire room. For instance, geometric tile patterns add eye-catching visual interest to the surface, while large format tiles can mask floors and walls in a soft subtle 'blanket'. Therefore, tile patterns are among the most crucial selection factors in achieving a cohesive design theme. 


Most Popular Tile Patterns Driving the Latest Tile Trends


As discussed earlier, tile patterns are among the most significant selection factors in achieving your desired design theme. Along with the tile pattern, considering which materials, colors and finishes are most appropriate for your application will help narrow the choices and get closer to a decision. Would a Classic, Modern or Traditional pattern be more suitable? Would Ceramic or Porcelain, Glass, Metal or Stone be the best material for this application? Is a Matte finish or a Glossy Polished finish more appropriate?


Once you begin to define the types of patterns, materials and finishes that might suit your application, we can eliminate unsuitable products and choose from a more focused variety of options. Below, we will highlight some of the top trends in tile patterns - along with what colors, materials and finishes these patterns are available in - to help choose the best mosaic tile for your project.


Here are the top tile trends in the most popular tile patterns:


Top Tile Trends in Hexagon Tiles


Hexagonal tiles are a popular emerging trend, especially in more modern or contemporary interior design. Our online tile outlet offers a comprehensive collection of hexagon tiles in stylish colors, materials and finishes. Hexagon mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of durable materials - like porcelain tiles, glass tiles, and marble tiles - and the top finishes - like polished or matte, iridescent or metallic.

Here are a few examples of the most trending hexagon tile patterns in our collection:

Modern Hexagon Gold Metallic Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


Modern Metallic Gold Hexagon Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


Hexagon White Gray Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile


Modern 1.25X5 Hexagon Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile


Hexagon 3D Cube Effect White Beige Gold Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


Modern Hexagon 3D Cube Effect Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


As seen in the examples above, Hexagon tiles are available in variations from more traditional 'honeycomb' patterns to more innovative patterns with elongated hexagons or 3-dimensional effects. Hexagon mosaic tiles are perfect for various applications in various parts of your home, such as kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, shower walls, and even swimming pools and spas. 


Hexagon tiles are also gaining popularity on non-wall applications, such as bathroom floor tile. These tiles available in a variety of materials, making it easy to match the right material with your application. Natural stone tiles, like marble hexagon tiles. add a timeless elegance to your space. Glass hexagon tiles can add a more brilliant shine or shimmer. Porcelain or ceramic hexagon tiles are available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes - making them a versatile choice for many applications.


Top Tile Trends in Subway Tiles


While speaking on the top tile trends for 2021, one cannot overlook one the long-standing popularity of a still-trending tile pattern: subway tiles. Some buyers consider the subway as "old-fashioned" or one that has no place in modern design. However, modern subway tiles in trending colors, some with more innovative less-rectangular tile shapes, still earn their spot as a top trend.


Here are a few of highlights from our vast collection of modern and classic subway tiles:

Subway Wave Blue Molded Glass Mosaic Tile




Beveled Subway Gray Blue Glossy Molded Glass Mosaic Tile


Modern Molded Glass 2X6 Beveled Subway Tile


Beveled Subway Beige Distressed Glossy Ceramic Tile





Subway tiles are still among our customers' favorite products. New innovations in subway tile, like glass subway tiles with a modern 'wave' shape and distressed ceramic subway tiles with beveled edges, are helping to maintain its spot as a top tile trend. These new shapes, textures and details can open up enormous possibilities to compliment your interior spaces.


Subway tiles are used across various applications in interior and exterior spaces. It remains a popular choice for kitchen backsplash tile, with options to match any cabinetry or appliances. It is also popular in bathrooms as bathroom backsplash tile, shower floor tile and shower wall tile. Glass and ceramic subway tiles are particularly suitable for these wet areas, including swimming pool tile applications.


Top Tile Trends in Herringbone Tiles


Herringbone is a classic geometric pattern which has its roots in brick-laying, and innovations in herringbone mosaic tile has solidified this pattern's place in modern design. This trending tile pattern is available in more traditional variations, with solid colors and the common interlocking-brick layout - but we also offer herringbone pattern tiles with bolder, brighter color palettes and "staggered" or skewed versions of the classic geometry. Material options have also increased for this popular tile pattern, with herringbone tiles available in glass, ceramic and porcelain, stone and marble, and combinations of these and other premium materials. 


Here are a few examples of Herringbone Mosaic Tiles available in our exclusive collection:


Herringbone Beige Gray linen-look Matte Glass Mosaic Tile


 Classic 1X4 Herringbone Linen-Look Matte Glass Mosaic Tile


Brown Silver White Modern Staggered Herringbone Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


Modern Staggered Herringbone Handcut Glass Mosaic Tile


herringbone gray white metallic glossy glass stone mosaic tile



Classic Herringbone Gray White Metallic Glossy Glass Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile


Above we see some of the potential options for this tile pattern - from the traditional herringbone pattern in a neutral cool gray tone with an interesting linen-look finish - to the bright and vibrant colors in a handcut glass tile with a unique staggered herringbone pattern - to the elegant combination of metallic glass and Carrara marble in a classic herringbone pattern. There is truly a herringbone mosaic tile available to align with any interior design theme. 


Top Tile Trends in Basketweave Pattern Tiles


Like the herringbone tile pattern, the basketweave tile pattern has been an extremely popular choice in tile design for years. Some new trends in the basketweave mosaic tile collection include unique three-dimensional patterns and premium materials, like honed natural stone and marble. The natural beauty of marble stone is on full display in these new products, and honed stone tiles are a great addition to any tile project. 

Here are a few examples of trending tile designs in the basketweave tile pattern:


Basketweave White Gray Argento Dolomiti Honed Stone Mosaic Tile


Classic 1X2 Basketweave Argento Dolomiti Honed Stone Mosaic Tile


 Modern White Gray Twine Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tile


Modern Twine Basketweave Marble Mosaic Tile



classic mosaic tan natural stone tile


Modern Basketweave Natural Marble Mosaic Tile


Honed stone and natural marble mosaic tiles with an attractive matte finish add life to any room. The gorgeous earth tones provide a soft aesthetic, while the intricate veining and lighter color shades add visual interest to the installation. The intricate basketweave patterns help to highlight the natural beauty of the natural stone, making these products a must-have for the most elegant interior design themes.


These natural stone mosaics are great for a number of applications, including kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and shower walls, and feature walls within your foyer or living spaces. These durable stone tiles will look great years after they're installed, and the timeless designs will align well with both traditional and modern interiors.


Top Tile Trends in Square & Diamond Mosaic Tiles


Square doesn't have to be boring. Our online store offers square pattern tiles and diamond pattern tiles in unique varieties with stylish colors and premium materials. Square and diamond mosaic tiles offer clean lines and a traditional yet modern aesthetic which can be used in a wide variety of applications. Beautify your kitchens and bathrooms, or any interior or exterior space, with these trending additions to our vast collection of mosaic tiles.


Square With Diamond Natural White Gray Marble Mosaic Tile


Classic 2X2 Square & Diamond Marble Mosaic Tile


Diamond Square Gray White Glass Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile


Modern Diamond Glass & Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile


Square Gray Beige Glossy Hot Glass Mosaic Tile


Modern 1X1 Square Hot Glass Mosaic Tile


Natural marble stone in a square pattern mosaic with embedded diamond accents can provide a simple elegance as flooring tile or wall tile. If this is too traditional for your taste, the modern diamond pattern in beautiful Carrara marble and glass can add the flare you desire. Or, if marble doesn't fit your interior design theme, the soothing gray and beige veins on our 1x1 square glass mosaic tile offers a truly unique appearance - and being made of durable glass makes this product ideal as swimming pool tile. 


Here are three more exciting examples in the diamond tile pattern collection: 

Diamond Square Gray White Carrara Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile

Modern Diamond Carrara & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile


Large Diamond Gray Subway Glossy Porcelain Tile

Modern 4X12 Diamond Large Porcelain Subway Tile



Diamond Square Gray Black White Marble Mosaic Tile


Modern Diamond Gray, Black & White Marble Mosaic Tile


Diamond-patterned tiles are available in various shapes, like squares and hexagons - and various materials, like porcelain and marble. Neutral colors like white, gray, and black help enhance the natural beauty of the marble, a popular stone in modern interior design. Install these tiles for wide-ranging applications and make your spaces attractive. The neutral combinations can create eye-catching styles in your bathrooms, showers, and living spaces.



Top Tile Trends in Large-Format Mosaic Tiles



A mosaic tile category gaining popularity for its clean, modern aesthetic is the Large Format Tile collection. Our new arrivals in large format porcelain tiles include some innovative options to beautify your bathrooms or any interior space. These tile products are exactly what the name implies: large slabs of porcelain which feature intricate textures on their surfaces and allow the installer to cover more surface area with less tiles.


Here are a few examples of the newest arrivals in the large format mosaic tile collection:



Large Format White Glossy Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile


 Modern Large Format 10X30 White Porcelain Wall Tile


Large Format Gray Glossy Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile


Modern Large Format 10X30 Gray Porcelain Wall Tile


Large Format Blue Glossy Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile


Modern Large Format 10X30 Blue Porcelain Wall Tile


Most large format porcelain tiles are available in 10" by 30" sizes. Our customers love these tiles for covering entire bathroom walls or creating large accent walls in their living areas. The subtle, intricate patterns bounce the light in interesting ways, creating an eye-catching surface in any tile installation. 


Use these large format tiles featuring textures blended with beautiful neutral colors, like blue, gray, and white, to transform the personality of your interiors.  



Make Mosaic Tile Outlet Your Primary Tile Shopping Destination


Our online retail outlet for mosaic tiles offers the broadest range of tile patterns. Do you want to add a bold, traditional, light, modern, or vibrant style to any surface in your home? We have the ultimate collection of premium mosaic tiles to suit your aspirations.


You can refine your search per your preferred tile pattern, material, color, finish, application, style, and price range using our menu on your left-hand side. So, if you wish to have a bold tile variety for your walls and unique veining tones or traditional looks for your floors, you would get the best tile browsing through our product range.


Order a sample of a tile variety to check the quality of the tiles. Once you are satisfied, use our calculator to determine the number of tiles you need and then place your order for the complete requirement. We offer free shipping for all your orders!


The Takeaway


The article covers the most popular tile patterns in 2022. We hope that the top picks we compiled in this article would help you shop for the most beautiful tiles for your desired application. At a large scale, you can beautify any part of your home adhering to your interior design theme if you could choose the correct tile pattern.


We intend to help you create the best aesthetic appeal for your homes by installing the most appreciated tile varieties. We combine the most used materials at a large scale, like marble, glass, and porcelain. Also, we try to help you attain the appearance mimicking the natural beauty through wood, marble, and other natural stones.


Shop for the tiles from the ongoing trend through our top picks. Add unique tones to various parts of your home today. We wish you all the best for a convenient and fascinating shopping experience at our online outlet.


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