Top Bathroom Trends for 2020
Top Bathroom Trends for 2020

Top Bathroom Trends for 2020

Adding tile to any room in your home can completely revamp your daily experience. This can be done as a standalone change or along with new furniture, paint, or renovations in general. But no room can experience a drastic and immediate change like your bathroom can. It's enclosed and more focused profile makes any change take an immediate presence, allowing even the simplest of changes, like a new backsplash, to transform your bathroom.


Bo-Ho - The Way to Go

What better way to give your bathroom that relaxed laid back, but still energetic, feeling than by adding a little Bohemian style flair with beautiful hand-made pieces in a variety of exotic patterns. Tessellations and geometric shapes creating patterns along your walls without overwhelming or being another boring mosaic. But the Bo-Ho style doesn’t just provide an invigorating visual aesthetic, it goes even further by featuring unique textures and one of a kind finishes due to its hand-made origins.


We know it’s a little hard not to fall in love and jump the gun right away but everything has its place. Keep in mind the unique textures and uneven surfaces characteristic in Bo-Ho style tiles mean this wouldn’t be very ideal for use on floors or shower areas. Always double check manufacturer specifications for recommended applications and uses.


Faux Look Tiles - As Good as the Real thing

It can be tough getting that wood look you’ve always wanted in your home without paying almost absurd premiums or dealing with the care and maintenance required to ensure it lasts as long as you love it for. Especially in the southern states where humidity and moisture can be the deciding factor in pretty much every aspect of peoples lives from the materials they use in their homes to the ones they dress themselves with.


Faux Look tiles can give you the look, feel, and even the texture of materials like wood while still offering you that highest grade of durability and ease of care that porcelain and ceramic tiles are known for. In specific applications - it would be hard to tell the difference, and if no one else knows - you can smile to yourself as the compliments pour in.


Sculptural Tiles - Breaking the Mold

Gone are the days when tile, by design, meant flat pieces of porcelain, ceramic, or whatever other material you might choose for your installation. Sculptural tiles add a new literal sense of dimension to ceramic and porcelain tile unlike any before. These are the perfect option to quite literally raise the profile of your home to new heights by introducing a new more tangible element to the otherwise flat and non-dimensional tiles dominating today's market. Why not stand out from the rest?


Subway Tiles - The Go-To

Subway tiles are as reliable and versatile as a good pair of jeans. Good for any situation with countless options. Different colors, sizes, finishes, textures - you name it. With just as many ways to tile it as there is variety - there is just no doing it wrong. Keep it classy with a nice brick offset layout or go rogue with some diagonal installs. Throw in some mixed pieces for some extra variety and character. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with considering subway tile as a solid option - there's no frills or thrills that really make it special but its simplicity is exactly what allows it to be so versatile and makes it so easy to create outstanding results.


Grout - Bringing it all together

We know, we know. Grout? A Trend? Yes.

The color of your grout has become a very important part of the process. There are times where a white, gray, or beige just doesn’t work. Maybe it doesn’t fit the room, maybe there's just too much contrast and it destroys the beautiful pattern your tile creates on its own. Who knows.


Today we are able to choose almost any color thanks to the efforts made by companies such as Mapei who offers beautiful, bright and brilliant options as well as more simple or classic subdued varieties. At the end of the day - who doesn’t want more options? Now you can choose a grout that perfectly complements or blends in with the tile you’ve chosen as an accent or help blur the line between where one sheet or piece ends and where another begins.


Mosaic Tile Outlet – Your definitive source

Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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