6 Tips on How to Complete Your Tile Remodeling Project
6 Tips on How to Complete Your Tile Remodeling Project

6 Tips on How to Complete Your Tile Remodeling Project

Is your tiled bathroom looking a bit monotone? Tile is an excellent surface material for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms that experience high moisture levels. Unfortunately, some tile designs just don’t pop like they should. Find out how a few accent tile features can transform your interior design and improve the value of your home.

Create a Chair Rail

Many homes use a chair rail in the living room, dining room and bedrooms to protect walls from scuffs and scrapes. It’s a functional design choice in these rooms with drywall walls, but it can be a stylish choice in a tiled room.

Chair rails create a line that visually separates the room. Some designers use a rail as a transition piece to a new material or tile design, while other rooms use this simple line or elegant tile piece as an accent piece all on its own. Some chair rails are just a color change, while others have ornate, three-dimensional elements to really pop in a more subdued room design.


Use Border Tiles on Your Floor

Border tiles can be a fun way to make designs on your bathroom floor. Use these tiles to create a faux rug or other visually distinct area on your bathroom floor. A rectangular line of border tiles can be placed around your entire room, in front of your sink or in front of your tub.


Frame a Doorway or Walkway

Luxurious bathrooms often have separate areas within the same room. If you have a large enough bathroom to include a separate shower area, soaking tub or dressing area, use accent tiles to create a border around a doorway or walkway. A doorway border of tiles can set the tone for the next area and draw the eye toward a beautiful soaking tub or other feature. Use liners to finish the edge of the doorway for a smooth, flawless look.

An elegant walkway from the door to the bathtub is another popular option with accent tiles. You don’t need to use specific tiles to create this feature, but a change in size, style, finish or color can be all you need to create a walkway.


Design a Backsplash

A tiled backsplash is a popular option for a kitchen, but why not add one to your bathtub or bathroom sink? Add decorative accent tiles to your shower wall or bathroom wall by your sink to create an iconic look. A backsplash is a great place to incorporate mosaic tile designs into a room without creating a busy pattern across the entire wall.


Enjoy a Mosaic Accent Wall

Another great way to introduce mosaic tiles into your design is an accent wall. Tiled accent walls are a trending option that is bringing tile out of the bathroom and kitchen and allowing homeowners to use it throughout their home. Choose a single wall in your den, laundry room, living room or dining room to incorporate tile.

A tiled accent wall can be customized to your home decor. Today’s tile comes in an amazing range of colors, sizes, finishes and designs. Create an unbelievable mosaic in your entryway to greet guests or choose tile with a wood or brick design to match the style of your bedroom or living room.


Find More Inspiration With These Dynamic Tile Options

Shop for tiles today at Mosaic Tile Outlet to enjoy a diverse range of luxurious accent tiles at affordable prices. Use our helpful online catalog to be inspired with accent tile ideas for your entire home. Sort based on size, color, application or design to find the perfect accent tiles and liners to put the finishing touch on your home remodeling project.


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