Tips For Removing Grout Haze

Tips For Removing Grout Haze

Getting new tile installed is exciting for your home. Unfortunately, it’s also a messy job. The grout can get everywhere. Experienced tilers can even leave some residue behind. It’s referred to as grout haze or grout film. It makes your tile appear dull and dirty. Grout haze can make it feel as if you got defective tiling. Conventional cleaning methods won’t take care of grout haze. You’ll need to take a targeted approach. Ideally, the tiling installer cleans the tile as soon as it is installed, but there are times when it can be difficult to catch all traces of grout.


Know What Kind of Tile and Grout Were Installed

The type of tile installed is just one consideration when removing grout haze. Natural stone tiles can be damaged with some kinds of products. Manmade ceramic tiles have a nonporous nature, which makes them easier to clean, but you still want to remove the grout film without damaging the actual grout. Epoxy grout is tougher to remove than cement grout, because it is harder. Some tiles have a finish in which the grout can bond to the tile itself, making removal difficult as more time passes. Before using chemicals or vinegar on your tile, check with your tiling installer to make sure it won’t harm the tile or grout.

Simple Solutions to Removing Grout Haze

Grout haze is just a light film of grout that dried on the surface of the tile. If you catch it quickly after installation, you may be able to use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to brush the grout haze off the tile. Grout haze is easier to remove within 48 hours of installation.

If you still notice haze on your grout, the second step is a sugar solution. Mix one cup granulated sugar with a gallon of hot water. Soak paper towels in the solution which are applied to the stone for about an hour. The solution soaks into the grout. After about an hour, use a soft brush and more water to clean the surface.

Finally, you can try a stone cleaning product without acidic compounds, such as vinegar. You should also avoid abrasive cleansers when removing grout haze. Use a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer to prevent damage to the tiles.

Should You Seal Stone Tiles Before Grout Installation?

You can reduce the problem of grout haze and grout stains if you seal the stone tiles before the grout is installed. Natural stone has a porous nature, which makes the stone more susceptible to stains. The tile absorbs moisture. Sealing the tile before installation prevents bacteria growth. Some sealants add slip resistance, which makes it safer. However, you do need to regularly reseal the tile, creating more maintenance issues. Sealants also can show the wear patterns on the floor. The places that get more foot traffic can become dull over time. Sealants do highlight the beauty of the material, so it’s something that you have to weigh both the pros and cons of

Take Care of Your Tiles and Grout

A natural stone floor in your home will last for years with proper care. Make sure it’s installed properly. If you notice grout haze, take care of it before it becomes a problem. If your grout gets dirty, use a grout cleaner that is safe for your stone to perform a deep cleaning. Check with your tile installer for products to keep your tile and grout well-maintained.

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