The Many Ways to Use Tile in Your Laundry Room

The Many Ways to Use Tile in Your Laundry Room

Even though laundry can be a chore some people do not love, your laundry room can give you the motivation to press on. It is easy to add simple designs and splashes of color with tile in this often neglected room. Whether you work alone or have family helpers, here are some ways you can spice things up so dirty clothes no longer get you down.

Firmer Footing With a Ceramic Floor

Choose the right tiles for your floor and take into account how much water accumulates in your laundry room. There are drip-drying clothes to consider and the occasional washing machine malfunctions. Ease of cleaning is another factor in choosing your tile.

Once you find a material that suits the level of use your laundry room gets, design is the next choice to think about. For a modern look, small black and white tiles give your room a good start. You can also evoke freshness with pale blues and greens.

Clean Lines With a Tile Wall

Tiling the walls of your laundry room is a great way to draw the eye to other decorative pieces and focal points. If you have a motivational wall hanging, line up the corners with your tiles so everything looks intentional and focused. This can make the room more inviting and open feeling, two positive traits that can make working in this space more enjoyable.

Smooth Working Space On a Tile Countertop

A non-porous tile is a great way to keep your laundry counters clean. If you have a high-use laundry room, tile rated for the outdoors can be a more durable option. Our Mosaic Tile Outlet outdoor tiles come in a variety of colors and styles. Matching your counters to the color of your washer and dryer creates a cohesive setting, or you can make your counters pop with contrasting colors and designs.

Great Accents With a Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes are not just for kitchens and bathrooms. Any room that has frequent water usage can benefit from a layer of protective tile along the back wall. These tiles can protect your wall and are easy to clean, which is especially useful when your children are first learning how to help out with this chore and might get detergent in places it was not meant for.

The height of your backsplash depends on how much of your wall you need to protect. In low-impact areas, you may only need a few inches. However, if you have a basin sink or high-energy helpers, you can take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling. To avoid your wall looking overwhelmed, you can add shelves and plants to break things up.

A Tiled Doggie Shower for the Furry Family Member

If your family has a dog who spends any amount of time outside, then you have experienced the need for a quick doggie rinse. Since a laundry room is usually located near the edge of a home and already has water in it, this is an ideal place to put a small pet spa so your furry companion does not track mud into the carpeted areas of your home. Turning a small corner into a tiled shower is both functional and adds an interesting accent area to your space.

The Right Tile Is Waiting for You

Feeling inspired about tile yet? If you are just starting a new home project, you can check out our Look Book for more tiling ideas. While we have talked about laundry rooms this time, tile is great for almost any room in your home. As you plan your next home project, let our tile add some color and shine to your vision.


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