The Latest Trends for Shower Tiles in 2022
The Latest Trends for Shower Tiles in 2022

The Latest Trends for Shower Tiles in 2022

When it comes to choosing the tile for your shower floor, you could go with a simple white ceramic, but why not select something more eye-catching instead? Perhaps consider a color or pattern that complements your bathroom's overall look or a design that better reflects your personal style preferences. With tile manufacturers continually introducing new designs into the industry, you are sure to find whatever look your creative mind dreams up. Here are the latest trends in shower floor tiles for 2022.


Large Mosaics
The most popular look for 2021 that will continue into 2022 is large patterned mosaics with a matte finish. These are available in various colors and designs to blend in with the color palette of any bathroom. The current favorite among homeowners is the Modern Deco style in neutral tones or shades of blue. You can further customize the look by lining the tiles up in one beautiful continuous pattern or alternate them with a solid color. Not only do these tiles make your shower floor pop, but they also are slip-resistant and do not absorb water. If you want a more sophisticated look, select a marble mosaic tile in classic white and gray.

Hexagon Shape
In addition to playing with more diverse tile patterns, manufacturers are moving beyond the subway tile's traditional rectangles and embracing various geometric shapes. One shape enjoying a big revival going into 2022 is the hexagon. This classic Mid-Century retro style is available in a variety of textures, sizes and colors to create a unique look on your shower floor. One popular option is to put a darker color tile on the floor and a lighter one on the shower walls. You can play around with the different varieties until you find the combination that appeals to you. Hexagon shaped tiles in a neutral color is an especially good choice for small showers as they make the space look larger than it appears. When choosing your type of tile, select one that offers resistance to water and accidental slips in the shower, such as ceramic or porcelain.

Matte Finish
The soft style of matte tiles keeps them on the favorites list for 2022. They are always an excellent choice for shower floors than glossy styles as they are easier to maintain, offer slip resistance and do not show water spots. They look best in bathrooms with lots of natural or artificial light, as the duller finish does not reflect light. Matte tiles are also available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns.

Shades of Blue
One surprising trend that started in 2021 and will continue in 2022 is the renewed popularity of blue tiles. From deep indigo shades to lighter hues, blue shower tiles are available in abundance and tend to give off a relaxing, cool vibe. The indigo color works well in contemporary style bathrooms with stainless steel metal fixtures or when combined with a white vanity and sink and a lighter color of blue tile on the shower walls.

After such a tumultuous year, many homeowners crave a bathroom with a quiet, relaxing ambiance, which is why neutral color combinations remain a top bathroom tile trend for 2022. Homeowners are loving shower tiles in a combination of light gray with either cream or beige for its soothing effect. White tile is still an excellent option for those bathrooms without a lot of natural light and can be combined with other neutral colors on the shower walls to create a bit of contrast.

Whatever type and style of tile you choose for your bathroom shower floor, you will find plenty of options available at the Mosaic Tile Outlet. Use our handy search feature to find exactly the one you are looking for.


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