The Latest Looks for Bathroom Tiles in 2022
The Latest Looks for Bathroom Tiles in 2022

The Latest Looks for Bathroom Tiles in 2022

Do you have a bathroom remodel on tap for the new year? Before you hire a contractor and pick out new fixtures, you may want to consider your options for bathroom tile. While some looks continue to be popular, new styles are also on the horizon. Whether you want a clean, modern design or prefer something more unique, there is a tile to set the tone for your home. Here some of the trending tile choices for 2021.

Updated Subway
Subway tiles are everywhere, but the newest versions are moving away from the standard white rectangle. Some of the more updated possibilities include oversized or elongated subway tiles in different colors, textures, and finishes. Another way to get a custom look with subway tiling is using contrasting grout. A darker grout against a lighter tile can give your bath a modern feel.

Graphic Patterns
If it seems like everywhere you look, patterned tile is making a splash, you would be correct. Luckily, you have tons of options to choose from, including bright, intricate colors and subtle neutrals. Encaustic tiles, in which the pattern is inlaid rather than printed on the surface, allow the pattern to stay true even in high traffic areas. Patterned porcelain tile is another fashionable material with homeowners.

Different Finishes
Tile finishes come and go, but with today’s variety, you can find both matte and glossy finishes in abundance. Matte brings a softness to a large, open bathroom, with an added benefit of not showing those pesky water stains. Glossy tiles, on the other hand, make a small space feel larger because they reflect light. They are better on a wall, though, thanks to their slippery surface.

Natural Types
Hardwood flooring is not ideal for bathroom floors, but the latest ceramic tiles that mimic the color and texture of wood are a natural solution because of their durability and easy maintenance. You can choose from different wood finishes, even cherry and oak, in oversized tiles or smaller sizes to create a herringbone or parquet pattern.

Basic Black
The black bathroom tile trend is still going strong, with its dramatic sophistication. Black matte tiles, much like dark metallic, are a bold accent, while black marble gives a bathroom a distinctive glamorous flair. If you find an all-white bath too sterile, you may want to jump on the black tile bandwagon.

Daring Shapes
Think outside the boxy shape with hexagonal or diamond bathroom tile. Small hexagons for a floor or shower have a vintage feel, but with colors, you can give them a modern twist. Oversized hexagon tiles are also available, giving homeowners a way to create patterns on a larger scale. Mosaics are another choice to blend irregular tiles to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your most personal room.

Artisan Touches
More homeowners are turning to bathroom tiles that appear to be hand-painted or glazed to incorporate artistic sensibility with functionality. These are anything but everyday tiles, and if you want a pop of color or unusual texture, this is another way to do it. Artisan tiles may also offer a variety of materials aside from the typical ceramic or porcelain tile.

Bold Textures
Spice up monochromatic minimalism by going big with textures. Embossed tiles can define your modern space with wavy lines, geometric shapes, or irregular dimensions to literally make your bathroom walls stand out.

Now that you know more about what is new in the world of bathroom design, why not visit the showroom at Mosaic Tile Outlet to see the hottest new tiles in one convenient location? Our collection of bathroom tiles include many of these design trends, so you can see what best fits your space and taste. Contact us to learn more about selecting tile for any room


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