The Definitive Guide To Kitchen Tile and Backsplash
The Definitive Guide To Kitchen Tile and Backsplash

The Definitive Guide To Kitchen Tile and Backsplash

Starting a new project, like installing a new kitchen backsplash, can be quite an undertaking. Especially if you don’t even know where to begin. You haven’t chosen a color, a style, a material, a tile, a grout - nothing. You decide to do a quick search or visit your local tile dealer - suddenly you’re just overwhelmed with options and possibilities. How does anyone narrow it down? The good news is, so long as you have a vision or idea of what you’d like your end goal to be, there are a few steps you can follow to get closer to getting your project started!


Defining “High Impact Zones”

High impact zones - what a name we know. These are areas that grab the most immediate attention of your space, and in the case of your kitchen, this zone, of course, is your backsplash. No matter what you choose to do with the rest of your project, you always want to make sure that your high impact zones get the best tile available of your options. Why? Well because this is where they will make the biggest difference or the most “impact” (See what we did there?).


The areas that draw the most attention should, of course, be the most attractive. They will command the attention of those in the room for the majority of their time here. It’ll be the first thing they notice and probably be the only thing they really remember about it as what stands out. Ideally, it’s best to choose neutral patterns or tiles of some sort in the area surrounding our high impact zone to really draw the focus to it by making it stand out that much more. Your backsplash will be what everyone notices, from start to finish. Think about it, better yet, just try it. Walk into a kitchen and try not to notice the backsplash. Right? We know. We couldn’t do it either.


What you choose to install here is not all that matters. How you choose to install it also has an effect on its overall impact. We need this area to be worthwhile and deserving of all the attention it will be receiving as essentially the centerpiece of your kitchen. If the tile you chose allows, by all means, get a little creative. There are more ways to install a tile than stacked, sheet by sheet, left to right. And no, a simple offset isn’t what we mean. Maybe install it vertically, or diagonally - something that breaks the mold of what you see in everyday installations. This one is yours, why should it look like all the rest?


Samples, samples, samples

We know, we know. It is 2020 - things are easier than ever to just buy online without the need to leave your home or even get dressed. There’s no better feeling than just clicking and buying whatever you need at a moment's notice without being followed by a salesperson or needing to wait in a slow line.


But it is important to make a good amount of effort when choosing to invest in tile that could be in your home, on your floors, or on your walls for the next 5, 10, 15 years. There are so many questions that pictures might not answer or details they might not properly illustrate. A tiles’ finish, its texture, true color, variations from piece to piece, how it looks under different lighting, its material, overall size, etc. These are all super important things that you might not always properly or fully understand when shopping online. By all means - starting your research online is a great idea. But you should always make your decisions based on physical samples. Ordering a few sheets of tile can be a fairly cheap way to do so without ordering a couple hundred square feet or whatever it is you’ll need for your entire project. 


Note: always keep in mind that there can be variation not just between individual sheets of tile but also between entire lots of tile that were produced or manufactured at different times depending on the type of material in question. Factories can change, processes can change, even the source or origin of the raw material can change and result in small to significant differences in the final product. So try to make sure you are going over recent samples and you don’t allow too much time to pass between when you review and when you actually make your purchase.


A little planning goes a long way. So what are you waiting for? Get that backsplash project started!


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