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The Best Reason Why You Should Tile Your Kitchen or Bathroom

The Best Reason Why You Should Tile Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Maybe your home already has a really nice wallpaper or painted backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom. It’s possible that tiling these areas has crossed your mind once or twice. But you always come down to the same question, “is it worth it?”

Honestly, in most situations, the answer is yes! Tiling your bathroom or kitchen backsplash is beneficial in many ways that go far beyond just higher value or luxury aesthetics.

A Brighter Home

Most tiles offer a variety of different surfaces and finishes. For the most part, these tend to offer some level of gloss or reflectivity which works wonders for your space.  This is especially true in places like your kitchen or bathroom where you might spend a concentrated amount of time for parts of your day whether it be for a relaxing bath or an amazing meal.

The surface of tile can help brighten up any room by helping spread any available natural light. Nothing will ever beat the almost therapeutic glow of natural light even if it's coming from a small or far off window - the more the better! Studies have shown natural light isn’t just good for plants - it’s extremely beneficial to our overall health and well being. 

Make it your own

The use of tile is the perfect way to bring out the creativity in you and really make your kitchen or bathroom your own. It’s not uncommon for people to have creative thoughts that they are unable to express physically. Maybe you have a perfect eye for color coordination and interior design but you’re no good with a paintbrush. It’s not your fault. 

But tile is already made and available in almost infinite varieties - you can simply go to a store or do some research online and find whichever tile matches your vision the closest. There are even tiles with pre-printed or hand-painted design! With the right mind at work, your kitchen or bathroom can become home to a work of art for all to see when they catch a glimpse of your walls or floors.

Certain designs and applications could even help “amplify” your space and make it seem bigger than it really is. With a little effort - your home can become so much more than you think it already is and when you look back you’ll be surprised to see that it really didn’t take much to do.

3 Words - Easy to Clean

Tile is so much easier to clean and maintain when compared to wallpaper or painted walls. Of course, there are wallpaper products and paint finishes that are marketed or geared towards high traffic or moisture-prone areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Let's face it though - they might not stand up to weeks, months, or years of scrubbing with different materials and possibly abrasive solvents. Not to mention, over time they are more likely to slowly stain or change in appearance from a combination of oils, moisture, or daily exposure to the elements in your environment.

With tile, regardless of the material, we can just use the appropriate manufacturer recommended cleaner with a good cloth to wipe away any grime or build up from day to day exposure to moisture or oils. This can be extremely beneficial for most families for a pretty obvious reason - fewer germs. 

Made to Last

This leads us directly into the more obvious benefit of tile vs wallpaper or painted backsplashes - longevity. Glass, stone, metal, ceramic, porcelain - all of these materials have the ability to last a lifetime when compared to paint or wallpaper which must eventually be touched up, replaced, or redone. This is an inevitable fact.

As long as they are properly installed and maintained, chances are they will last up until you or someone else decides it’s time for something new. No need to touch up that paint every year - this is extremely beneficial for those living in apartments. Less reason to worry about losing that deposit!


We know, we know. Talking about money can be a complicated thing. But we’re not here for that. We just thought it would be worth it to mention a very important part of remodeling any kitchen or bathroom and that is value.

Believe it or not, your kitchen, notably, is often referred to as the most valuable room in your home - it’s what really separates a home from others - no 2 kitchens are ever the same. Islands, countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, the list goes on and on. Your bathroom, while it does not necessarily share that title, is also one of the most remodeled spaces in your home, despite tending to be the most neglected - usually by those who don’t bother to change much of their home. It’s the most remodeled why? Well, it’s one of the easiest places to start of course for those looking to add more to their home.

Getting back to value - adding tile to your kitchen and bathroom is the most direct road to really get a return on your investment. It is what can and what will separate your home from the rest in your gated community that's made of 30 homes built off the same exact floorplan - where maybe the HOA might not even let you paint your exterior a color that doesn’t match the rest of the neighborhood. Or in other cases what will differentiate your home from the rest in the local area. You’ve got to stand out somehow right!? Do it where it counts and where it’ll make the biggest impact.

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