Swimming Pool Tile Buying Guide 2022
Swimming Pool Tile Buying Guide 2022

Swimming Pool Tile Buying Guide 2022

Swimming pools are the focal point of any outdoor space, and can complement your home while adding a touch of glamour and luxury. Your swimming pool or spa is a space that lets you and your loved ones relax and rejuvenate. Swimming pools also require a substantial amount of upkeep to maintain their appearance and keeping them safe for all to use. A huge component of that upkeep is the tile you choose to install in and around your swimming pool or spa.

Choosing the best pool tiles can be challenging as the options can seem endless. First, you can narrow the selection by eliminating colors or materials that don’t align with your desired aesthetics for the swimming pool and surrounding areas. Then, you can determine the specific performance requirements for each area - for example, whether the tile will be submerged in water or simply exposed to wet conditions. Then, you can utilize our tile calculators to determine the quantity of each tile required for each application. These steps help you reduce confusion and select the most appropriate tile products for your pools.


What are pool tiles?

Pool tiles are for specific applications where the tiles are either submerged in water, or exposed to very wet and humid conditions. You install them in and around your swimming pools, spas and other exterior wet areas. These tiles can sustain continuous contact with water, fluctuation in temperatures, and can withstand other elements of outside weather exposure. In short, pool tiles are designed to meet the durability, aesthetic, and maintenance requirements of wet outdoor environments.


How are swimming pool tiles different from other regular tiles?

Again, the significant difference is in the suitability of the application. As explained above, pool tiles are installed in or near water. These tiles may remain submerged in water for their entire lifecycle. The tiles for pools also work well in other wet exterior spaces, such spas or hot tubs, as all of these applications require similar kinds of tile properties.


Tiles for other applications, like kitchen backsplashes and interior showers, also possess water-resistant qualities. Interior backsplash and shower tiles can sustain exposure to lower moisture levels associated with kitchens and bathrooms. However, they cannot survive being permanently submerged in water, nor can they withstand the outdoor elements which swimming pools are regularly exposed to.


Factors to Consider While Buying Pool & Spa Tiles

 As mentioned earlier, you need to consider various factors while selecting the right swimming pool tiles for your application. Here are some significant considerations you must make:


  • Tile Material

Ideally, the material must possess the properties to sustain contact with water, heat, and the overall exterior environment. Durability is the key factor when you determine the appropriate material before buying pool tiles.


  • Tile Color

The color of the pool tiles you buy should create a harmonious appearance with the water in the pool and the surroundings. Going with the shades of blue would be ideal for obvious reasons. Avoid choosing too vibrant and neutral colors as they may spoil the aura of your swimming pool.


  • Tile Size and Pattern

Consider the size and pattern of the tiles that suit your personal preferences. The size and patterns of swimming pool tiles should complement the overall size of your pool. The size should also match the other decor elements in the surroundings.


  • Tile Style

Choosing the right style helps you enhance the aesthetic appeal and the overall decor theme for your pool. Shop for the pool tile styles that are trending and gaining popularity to add value to your exterior area.



Let us take a glance at these significant factors:


Selecting Pool Tile by Material


The tile material plays a significant role in determining the durability of your pool tiles. This segment briefs about pool tiles made from materials that are suitable for this application.


Porcelain Pool Tile

If you desire a delicate look for your spa, buying porcelain pool tiles would be a better option. You can achieve a classic look using 6X6 square tiles in this segment. Apart from that, you get various other sizes and patterns, like subway and herringbone.

Porcelain tile is denser and has excellent water resistance. Its water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. Thus, porcelain pool tiles prove to be durable.


Ceramic Pool Tile

If you wish to have a glazed, catchy, and exciting look for your spa, buying ceramic pool tiles can be a better option. The manufacturers make these pool tiles from permanently hardened clay. They are ideal for application. Your swimming pools become attractive as you install these tiles.



Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Do you want a glossy, dazzling, and exciting appearance for your swimming pool or spa? Glass mosaic pool tiles are best-suited for such an aesthetic appeal.

The manufacturers press glass powder into a die and heat it till the glass particles fuse. Thus, you can notice a nice layer of glass on the surface of the glass tile. The glass mosaic tiles-making process is unique to get the desired mechanical properties.

Glass mosaic pool tiles elevate the value of your water feature in the exterior space. These tiles are the most popular choice among buyers these days as they provide a modern feel to your pool and spa.


Is it practical to use any glass mosaic tile in your swimming pool?

The glass mosaic pool tiles are the ideal choice for swimming pools. Yet, not every glass mosaic tile is suitable for this application. The manufacturing, the assembly, and the thickness vary from product to product. So, while buying pool tiles, look for glass mosaic pool tiles specifically.


Murano Glass Pool Tiles

The name Murano represents the location where these types of tiles were invented. The Murano Glass Mosaic Tiles were invented in Murano, Italy. Most of these tiles are available in a subway pattern and the most exciting range of colors.


Stone Pool Tiles

If you want to add a classic look to your pool or spa, pool tiles made of stone would be perfect. Stone pool tiles allow you to adopt natural stones to add elegance to your swimming pools. These pool tiles are available in pebble, slate, and pencil patterns. If your landscape has some natural decorations made of stones,  wood, and trees, these tiles complement the decor theme.


Metallic Look Pool Tiles

Metallic look is achieved by the catchy color and a layer of glaze applied on the pool tile surface. You get metallic look tiles in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. These tiles can also be used as waterline tiles in the surroundings of your swimming pools and spas.


Selecting Pool Tile by Color

The color of the pool tiles reflects the taste and lifestyle of the buyers. Though many colors are available in pool tiles, selecting colors that go well with your water feature is advisable. You can also choose from the other colors in the pool tiles range, like aquamarine, grey, black, beige, green, orange, and red.


Why are swimming pool tiles usually blue?

Blue is well-known as a universal color as t resembles the color of significant natural elements, like the sky and ocean. Most buyers prefer blue-colored tiles for their pools as they mimic the natural ambience. Again, the tiles with blue color make the surrounding pleasant. Thus, the blue color looks better for pool tiles than any other dark tile colors and plasters. Though there are various varieties of colors available along with multicolor tiles, blue is considered the best color for pool waterline tiles.


Selecting Pool Tile by Pattern

As you tile a surface with tiles without gaps and overlaps, the geometry reflects a repetitive pattern. For pool tiles, there are various attentive patterns to select. For convenience in selecting the best-suited pattern, we present “Top 12 pool tiles by pattern.” You can cruise through our collection of pool tiles as per wide-ranging patterns:


The design of modular tiles indicates the use of software modules. These tiles have intricate details and excellent usage of color shades that make your swimming pools look glorious.


  • Iridescent pool tiles

This pattern showcases the frozen dew drops on the tile surface. This tile type elevates the visual appeal of your swimming pool to a greater extent.


This pattern is the arrangement of natural stones in various color shades. The surface looks extremely beautiful as you install these tiles on your swimming pool floors.


Do you remember jigsaw puzzles? A similar kind of arrangement is made here through colorful tiles to beautify your swimming pools and spas.


In this pattern, you get fine-grained rocks in thin layers. This tile type is perfect if you want to add an antique touch to your swimming pool.


Glossy finish and intricate details on square-shaped tiles in different color shades add elegance to your swimming pools as you buy and install this tile pattern.


Subway is one of the most popular patterns that bring the feel of a subway on the walls of your swimming pool. These are rectangular, pillowed tiles.


Stacked square is a unique tile pattern that stacks squares with intricate details and a soft feel.


In this spectacular tile pattern, the tiles are arranged similar to bricks on a wall. The attractive color combinations add to the appeal and make your pools look stylish.


For an artistic and traditional look with a modern touch, a deco tile pattern would be ideal for your swimming pools and spas.



Every pool tile pattern has its specialty in terms of looks and feel. Again, selecting a pool tile pattern depends upon the personal preference of a buyer. Shop for the catchiest tile patterns that stand out to make your swimming pool look glamorous.

Selecting Pool Tile by Size

The size of the pool tiles you buy also influences the visual appeal. Smaller, square-shaped pool tiles are the most popular. Yet, you can also try pebble tiles or deco tile patterns to bring out a different personality for your swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Tile 6" x 6"

If you are looking for a consistent square pattern in a large size across your pool, selecting pool tiles with 6X6 size would be better. Though these pool tiles do not showcase intricate details, the size allows you to try different tile types like pillowed and beveled tiles.


Again, for a thoroughly modern look, you also find pool tiles with glamorous patterns. Tile patterns like cross patterns, circles, square crackles add beauty to your pools.


The Pros of Larger Pool Tile

Installing large-format tiles for your pools and spas can be beneficial in many ways. Again, you need to follow some precautionary measures during installation. The precautions help you achieve better durability of the tile installation and the entire pool. Let us have a look at the pros and precautions:


  • Consistent Color

Most large-format tiles bring a  consistent color throughout your swimming pool. So, if you are passionate about achieving harmony while remodeling your pool or spa, choosing larger pool tiles can help.


  • Better Slip Resistance

Larger tiles provide better slip resistance and thus are safe to install in pools and spas. You can avoid slips and falls while enjoying your swimming, diving, or relaxing sessions using larger pool tiles.


  • Ease In Installation

If you follow the best installation practices, larger pool tiles are easy to install compared to smaller ones.


  • More Appealing Pools

Consistent color and a larger, simple pattern make your pool more appealing and provide a peaceful appearance altogether.


Precautions During installation

  • Sufficient Curing

Allow large-formal pool tiles to cure for a sufficient duration. Proper curing increases the lifespan of the installation.


  • Warpage

Consider inconsistency in the thickness of large-format pool tiles while spreading the thin-set. Thus, you can achieve a consistent surface and durable installation.


  • Choosing Through-body Tiles

Glazed tiles may have a different underlying color below the glazed surface. Hence, it is better to go with through-body tiles that possess a single color all over their thickness.


2" x 2" Pool Tile

If you wish to enjoy a blend of different color shades and shapes for your swimming pools or spas, going for 2: X 2” tiles in a square, hexagonal, or scallop fan pattern would be perfect.


1" x 1" Pool Tile

For a perfect color combination with a dazzling effect, you can choose 1” X 1” pool tiles. These pool tiles allow you to have intricate details. 1X1 is one of the most aesthetically appealing tile sizes.


1" x 2" Pool Tile

If you want to create a stylish brick layout across your pool with eye-catching colors, these pool tiles would be perfect. The intricate brick layout creates a rare feel and elegance for your swimming pools and spas.


Selecting Pool Tile by Style

Styling is a significant matter of concern as you wish to make your pools and spas as impressive as possible. Choosing the best pool tiles helps you achieve the desired styling feature.


Classic Pool Tiles

Selecting an antique decor theme for exteriors is trending today. Our range of classic pool tiles complements this styling need. Make sure you maintain a harmonious appearance by using a similar kind of decor for other elements in your exteriors, like your entrance, walkways, driveways, sidings, and more.


Modern Pool Tiles

If you are passionate about showcasing modernity, our range of modern pool tiles would be the right choice. The modern color scheming, shapes, sizes, and aesthetics offered in these tiles would make your swimming pools and spas the best space in your exteriors or any other part of your homes.


Consider Your Budget

Setting a budget for the pool tiles while planning your pool renovation is a crucial initiative. This exercise helps you make your pool renovation project feasible. As you set a budget and consider the area to be covered, you get a rough idea about the cost of pool tiles per square foot that you should select.


To determine the number of pool tiles you require, take the help of our exclusive pool calculator that explains the calculation process thoroughly, considering almost every influencing factor. Pool tiles are available in wide-ranging price ranges.


You need to consider your styling and aesthetic needs to refine your search to a desired pool tile material, color, pattern, size, and style. Cruise through our range of pool tiles choosing the filters according to the desired pricing parameters (High to Low or Low to High).


How to tile a pool or spa?

Installing tiles in your swimming pool is a specialized process. You may look out for an experienced installation company or contractor. If you are an expert and confident, you can go for DIY also.


Here are the significant steps in installing tiles in a swimming pool or spa:


  • Line-out

Initially, decide on which tiles would go where and line out the pool and surrounding area accordingly. For instance, you should know the appropriate placement of tiles, like anti-skid tiles at the entrance or exit area, glossy tiles on walls, tiles for pool floor, waterline tiles, and pool deck tiles in the surrounding area.


  • Pencil Marking

As per the tile sizes, mark the outline using a pencil. Marking helps you to know the number of tiles, corner trim pieces, and borders.


  • Rough Laying

Lay all the tiles on the pencil marks to get an idea of how your pool would look after installing tiles. This step gives you a chance to make minor adjustments too.


  • Applying Thin-set

Use a notched trowel to apply the thin-set recommended by the tile manufacturer. Keep the layer uniform. Consider variation in the tile thickness to attain a flat surface.


  • Adhesive

Cement adhesives are suitable for pool tiles as they don’t deteriorate when exposed to water. Follow recommended tools and methods while applying an adhesive.


  • Waterproof layer

There should be a waterproof layer below the tiles. This layer minimizes complications if water seeps through the joints between the tiles.


  • Tile Installation

Lay your pool tiles on the thin-set. If your tiles are above the size of 1 foot X 1 foot, a thin-set should also be applied on the backside of tiles using a notched trowel for better adhesion. Then press the tiles and use a rubber mallet to ensure there are no gaps and leaks. Align the gaps between the tiles using spacers.


Follow the guidelines from the concerned government department for more clarity in the procedure of tiling a pool. Even the directions to tile public swimming pools might be helpful for you. The Department of Parks and Recreation also recommends a tile installation process.


  • Grouting

Choose appropriate grout considering the manufacturer’s recommendations and the color of the grout. Remove the spacers. Apply the grout on the tile surface and fill all the gaps between tiles. Then, remove excess grout using a sponge and let the grout dry.


Important Note


Usually, you tile pools and spas when they are empty. As you fill them in with water, the tiles would be subject to abnormal pressures and temperatures. Follow tile installation guidelines religiously to attain optimum performance of tiles as they remain underwater.


Swimming Pool Tiles - Things You Should Know


  • Which tiles are the best for your swimming pools and spas?

Glass mosaic tiles are the best tiles for swimming pools and spas. Though glass mosaics are a costly option, their glossy finish and eye-catching colors add elegance to your swimming pools. Again, these pool tiles are easy to maintain. We use recycled glass to make glass mosaic tiles.  They are more durable and less porous compared to the other options.



1X1 Multi-Color Square Iridescent Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile


  • What is the best way to clean pool tiles?

To clean minimal dirt and grime on tile surfaces, you can use baking soda and vinegar, toothpaste, or dish soap. For calcium silicate scaling that can be sticky, use scrapers that would not be aggressive on the tile surfaces. For instance, metallic scrapers would be fine for porcelain tiles. Yet, to clean glass mosaic tiles, better you use a rubber scraper.


  • Is it practical to use marble tiles as the finishing material for your swimming pools?

Marble mosaic tiles may create a beautiful appearance. Yet, these tiles cannot sustain underwater in the long run. The chemicals in the pool water, pressure, and temperature changes ruin the surface of marble tiles. Therefore, we do not recommend marble tiles as swimming pool finish material.


  • What is the purpose of the waterline pool tile? Can you use waterline tile in fiberglass pools?

Waterline pool tiles cover the horizontal surfaces above the waterline attractively. You can use waterline tiles to cover the top of the spa dam walls, pool decks, edges of steps for a beautiful accent and trim, tanning ledges, bar stools, and benches to beautify the surrounding space.


  • What should be the ideal thickness of pool tiles?

Ideally, pool tiles should be ¼” to ⅜” thick. The hardness and water-resistant properties of pool tiles matter the most. Apart from thickness, these technical features determine the durability of pool tiles.


Ready to discover the perfect pool tile?

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Would you buy pool tiles online? Where can you get all varieties of pool tiles?

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Here is a product review from a verified customer-


Pool Tile

Perfect colors to tie our entire pool accents together. Appreciate the great customer service and quick shipping from Leonardo and the team.

Carl (AR, United States) Reviewed on January 19, 2021 


Would you like to take a glance at one of the most appreciated glass mosaic tile varieties for swimming pools at our outlet? The tile creates harmony with the color of water and sky. Again, it combines various shades of blue and yellow that add elegance to your swimming pool and spa. Here is the product image and an image showcasing how your tile would look as you install these tiles:




How To Order Samples From Our Outlet?

Whenever you choose a pool tile as per the desired size, pattern, and color, you may wish to see how exactly it looks and feels. To clear all your doubts regarding the appearance of the tile as compared to the product images, the best method is to order a sample before you order a complete lot as per the required quality.


Choose a pool tile as per the desired pattern, material, and color, and land on the product page. You get a ‘Buy Sample’ option just below the ‘Add to Cart’ button. The price for the sample would also be displayed on the button usually.


Click on ‘Buy Sample’ option, make the payment, and provide delivery details while checking out. The sample arrives at your doorstep within a few days, professionally packaged. We make sure that the samples and product deliveries reach without any damage. We don’t charge for shipping the samples. We ship your samples and further orders for free! Always!


Most buyers admire us for shipping samples. Receive and examine the tile sample. Then, place your orders for tiles as per your requirements. We ship all your mosaic tile orders for free at your doorsteps!


You can see a dedicated segment for pool tiles on the homepage. The POOL option is available at the top horizontal menu. By clicking on the ‘POOL’ option, you get various sub-categories, like All Sections, Color, Pattern, Style, and Material. You can search for pool tiles as per your preference. Browse through the varieties of swimming pool tiles for sale until you find the most appropriate pool tile to remodel your pool or spa.


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