New Glass Pool Tiles
New Glass Pool Tiles

New Glass Pool Tiles

If you're lucky enough to be remodeling your existing swimming pool or spa, or installing a brand new one, the tiles you select are crucial in executing your vision for your back yard oasis. Glass pool tiles are perfect for restoring the glory and glamour of your swimming pools, or making sure your new pool looks amazing. We always strive to develop new products to cope with your demand for new designs and finishes in mosaic tiles. This article takes you through some of the latest arrivals to our immensely popular glass mosaic tiles collections.


Generally speaking, glass tiles are the best-suited products for swimming pool and spa applications. Glass is a naturally non-porous material, naturally creating a barrier between the water and the substrate beneath the tiles. Combine this with glass's ability to take on infinite colors, textures and finishes - and this makes glass mosaic tiles the absolute best products for creating functional and beautiful swimming pools and spas.  


To recap how this material achieves its water-resistant properties: Glass mosaic tile is made by pouring new or recycled glass material into a mold and heating it to extremely high temperatures. The Glass fuses to form a coherent mass with a beautiful consistent finish. The porosity of the glass mosaic is significantly less than other common tile materials. Thus, glass tiles are water-resistant and are perfect for your pool and spa tiling projects.


Glass tiles are also scratch-resistant, ensuring that they maintain their glamor and elegance long after the initial installation.


Here are a few new arrivals in our Glass Pool Tile collections:


Recycled Glass Tiles in Iridescent Shades of Blue


Product 1: Darker Blue Staggered Brick Mosaic Pool Tile


This is a new pool tile that can bring any swimming pool or spa installation to the next level. The creative combination of iridescent and glossy finish in a staggered brick pattern allows the attractive shades of blue to enhances the ambiance of the water in any swimming pool. The way light transmits through the clear water and bounces off the glass tile surface creates a dazzling effect that is both eye-catching and soothing.  

blue recycled glass iridescent glossy staggered brick mosaic tile


Dark Blue Recycled Glass Iridescent & Glossy Staggered Brick Mosaic Tile


This unique glass pool tile carries a combination of eye-catching colors that changes in appearance depending on how the light catches each rectangular module. Despite these visual tricks, the staggered brick pattern brings a traditional touch to your pool tile installation. This traditional pattern combined with the visual boost of the deep iridescence appearance results in a brilliant blue pool tile that any installation can benefit from.


Product 2: Lighter Blue Staggered Brick Mosaic Pool Tile


If the previous product was a bit too dark for the appearance you're striving for, this alternate blue recycled glass tile might be just right! With a beautiful display of medium/royal-blue hues in the alternating glossy and iridescent staggered brick pattern, this pool tile can enhance the beauty of any backyard oasis. 


blue recycled glass iridescent glossy sateggered brick mosaic tile


Classic Blue Recycled Glass Iridescent & Glossy Staggered Brick Mosaic Tile


Like the previous product, the staggered glossy and iridescent glass on this mosaic pool tile creates an interesting visual display as light bounces off the surface through the pool water. The unique colors and textures of this glass tile is a win-win for remodels or new installations. These tiles are in stock and available through our Swimming Pool tile collections, or find them in the featured new arrivals collection.


Translucent Shades of Gray for your Swimming Pool


If you are in search of glass tiles that are not blue yet add to the aesthetics of your swimming pool, this gray glass tile with a deep translucent finish could be a perfect choice. As you know by now, glass is an ideal material for swimming pool tile, but this low-maintenance material is also perfect for bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and other interior and exterior wet areas. Depending on the grout selected for installation, you can also achieve a neutral or contrasting border between the subway mosaics.


gray subway glass mosaic tile


Modern 2X6 Gray Translucent Glass Subway Mosaic Tile


The blend of traditional and modern style statements achieved with this subway pattern pool tile can help make your dream pool installation a reality. The gray colors complement the water in unexpected ways, and the deep iridescent finish reflects light in brilliant displays. These mosaics add a luxurious and timeless aesthetic through their shapes that mimic glass bricks individually adhered to the walls.


Order a sample of this tile if you want to have a glimpse of the positive influence they can add to your swimming pools and spas. We offer free shipping on every order, so order multiple samples to compare before making a decision on your full order. Our customer service reps are standing by to assist as well! 



Blended Beige & Gray in a Unique Modular Tile Design


Beige and Gray are blended into this Modular Mosaic Tile to achieve a crisp, clean look and a unique design that is difficult to replicate. The interesting modular design on this glass tile is ideal for not only swimming pools, but it's also a great tile for Bathrooms, Kitchen Backsplash, Feature Walls and Fireplaces. Customers can shop for this new glass mosaic tile from our online store today and enjoy free shipping on all orders!


modern modular beige gray glossy glass mosaic tile

Modern Beige & Gray Modular Glass Mosaic Tile


The beige and gray colors are applied beautifully in this modular tile pattern with 1X1 and 2X2 staggered linear modules. These features help you create a unique visual statement in your swimming pools and spas. With the fully-glass construction, these pool tiles perform extremely well in other wet ares as well, such as kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and shower areas. 


These glass mosaic tiles can look great installed throughout the swimming pool, or utilized as a waterline tile with another coordinating product installed in the pool itself. Mixing and matching glass mosaic tile from the waterline to the pool interior can create even more visual interest.



1x1 Glass Mosaic Tile with Earth-Tone Elegance


The 1 x 1 square pattern on these glass pool tiles offers a different visual approach than the staggered brick and subway mosaics of the previous three products. The beautiful gray and beige neutral tones in molded glass mimics the appearance of polished stone, creating unique reflections beneath the pool water. These glass mosaic tiles feature a mesh-backed construction for easy installation in any application.


Choose a grout that blends seamlessly with the color and size of the tile, or choose a contrasting grout for an alternate border appearance. The glossy glass finish on the 1x1 mosaic tile makes this product durable and easy to maintain, ensuring that the beauty of your installation is maintained year after year. Customers can shop for this new pool tile on our online store and enjoy free shipping on all orders.


modern 1x1 square gray beige glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X1 Square Gray & Beige Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile


Along with swimming pool and spa applications, this glass tile is also suitable for other wet areas like kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls, as shown in one of the gallery images on the product detail page. In bathroom and kitchen applications, the neutral tones contrast nicely with white fixtures and appliances. The thickness of the glass tile is low to moderate, making it lighter in weight and thus easier to install on various surfaces. 



The Bottom Line


The article covers five of the latest arrivals in our glass pool tile collection. We intend to help you shop for the best pool tile products that enhance the beauty of your swimming pools. We hope that the pool tile suggested in this article inspires you to order samples from our outlet and choose the perfect tile product for your application.


We always maintain a wide range of mosaic tiles in stock. We assure shipping on the date of your order so that you can complete your pool remodeling projects well in time. Free shipping for every order is our promise that ensures better customer experiences. So, choose us as your preferred tile shopping destination and shop for pool tiles using our intuitive filters to narrow your selection.


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