2022 Color Trends for Pool, Bathroom, Wall and Backsplash Tile
2022 Color Trends for Pool, Bathroom, Wall and Backsplash Tile

2022 Color Trends for Pool, Bathroom, Wall and Backsplash Tile

Choosing the best theme or color combinations for your next interior decor or renovation project might be a bit confusing. The wide-ranging varieties in tiles begin your confusion, and it is taken further if you don’t decide where to start from.

The tile colors derive the overall aesthetics and provide a personality to space. So, following the color trends while choosing your tiles would result in a reflection of your lifestyle. Color science also relates to your mood. The vibrant and bright colors create energizing waves while dull and neutral colors tend to look ‘peaceful.’

If you are passionate about a makeover that would bring out the trendiest appeal, here are tile color trends in 2021 that you should consider while designing your renovation ideas:

All-White Rocks!


Many enthusiastic homeowners love white, as it reflects all the colors. Yet, the peace, harmony, and a sense of integrality brought due to white-colored tiles would be ultimate. Again, white reflects hygiene. You would love to portray your homes in that way. Right?


To let you follow this trend, here are some picks from our wide-ranging collection of mosaic tiles:





Beautifully Implemented Kitchen Backsplash Following ‘All-White’ Tile Color Trend

Consider keeping the color of all other decorative elements in the kitchen or any other room, corresponding and complementing the white-colored tiles. A slight contrast will add a positive impact too.

Feel Amid Nature

Mother Nature nurtures us through wide-ranging resources. Most homeowners must be fond of spending quality time in forests, deserts, snow, beach, and even in the middle of the ocean. How about bringing that pleasure of being closer to nature inside your homes?

The emerging trend among prominent interior designers is to bring those enlightening experiences to life through features like wood and bamboo furnishing, using water bodies in the interiors and exteriors, plants inside your homes, and well-developed terrace gardens.

Even the tiles are not left behind. Find the beautiful range of wood grain tiles and the range of tiles in colors like green to feel like living amid the beauty of nature.

Here are some picks from our outlet that help you live this tile color trend:



Revealing the Darker Side

The darker colors in tiles allow you to develop a ‘vibrant’ theme for your spaces. It is a tricky affair to implement dark tile shades, as you need to strike a harmony between various decor elements inside the rooms. Your flooring, walls, paintings, furnishing, carpet, and other storage cabinetry should reflect similar kinds of vibes to make a successful dark-colored interior.

The tiles in dark color shades, like navy blue, orange, black, charcoal, grey, cobalt, grey, and green create an eye-catching arena when installed and mixed with other elements properly.

Here are some exclusive picks from our outlet that help you bring a glorious accent to your homes:





Adopting peace and harmony in every aspect of your life must begin from your home. You might have joined a Yoga studio to learn meditation and breathing techniques. Yet, the mesmerizing feeling of ‘peace’ from within should become the essence of your life.

Utilizing tiles with neutral color shades like white, light grey, gold, silver, beige, and more can help you reflect the peace and harmony all around your homes. The neutral colors in tiles support a calm and divine mood also. So, going with this 2021 tile color trend can let you explore superb possibilities.

Here are a few stylish neutral-colored picks from our outlet that you would love to install at your homes:





The Shades of Blue

Last but never least! Blue… This is a universally adored color as it signifies stability, health, wisdom, inspiration. Again, blue stands for ‘inclusiveness’ as it is the color of the sky and the ocean. In the year 2021, prominent paint manufacturers and designers chose shades of blue as the latest trend.

The most fascinating part of this game is the execution of your renovation projects, choosing blue in different shades, finishes, styles, shapes, and patterns. Be creative and cruise through the spectacular range of mosaic tiles in blue shades at our outlet.

Here are a few picks to help you imagine the difference ‘blue’ tiles can bring to your homes, and of course, your lives too:





The Takeaway

The discussion takes you through the new 2021 tile color trends for various applications, like backsplash, pools, bathrooms, and wall tiles. We hope you must have enjoyed the journey through trending tile colors. Again, the difference these tiles bring after implementation must have inspired you to shop for the best tiles.  

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Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional, or modern, we’ve got you covered.

Note: This article is a rewrite of an old content on MTO website: New 2020 Color Trends for Backsplash, Pool, Bathroom, and Wall Tile published on January 29, 2020.



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