New 2020 Color Trends for Backsplash, Pool, Bathroom and Wall Tile
New 2020 Color Trends for Backsplash, Pool, Bathroom and Wall Tile

New 2020 Color Trends for Backsplash, Pool, Bathroom and Wall Tile

With all the resources available at your disposal to plan your next home renovation or project in general, it can be a little confusing knowing where to begin. Every week there is a new trend popping up, a new style that is “changing the industry”. But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, it’s all pretty subjective and comes down to personal choice.


There is however, a resource that never fails to both inspire and provide the perfect starting point for just about any project you might be thinking of starting. This resource would be color trends.


Defining the Year


At the dawn of every new year, industry leaders such as PANTONE, Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore & Co. announce their picks for “Color of the Year”. Options on top of options, we know. The colors chosen by each of these companies do not always line up either, it can be confusing for the average consumer who is only just now dipping their toes into this side of the industry. (Would the real Color of the Year please stand up?) But each company always provides a creative introduction for the color chosen along with their reasoning. Most importantly though, a variety of color palettes that can be used as a theme to further accent the primary color that has been announced.


Color Palettes - A Template to Style


Color palettes are the real prize here. The Color of the Year by itself can be a wonderful starting point to kickstart your inspiration, even when you don’t necessarily like the color in question to begin with. But the color palettes that are provided serve as perfect design templates for you to use when you do find a set of colors you enjoy. You might suddenly find yourself liking a color you previously disliked once you see it paired with a set of coordinating or complimentary colors that help accent it and bring out a new appreciation you didn’t have before.


Real World Inspiration


Think about it. Those beautiful homes you see in magazines, advertisements, even movies. They are not painted a single solid color. Think of landscape photography. Pictures of your favorite beaches, places of interests, sunsets and sunrises. You can create a color palette from any of these things. You can easily pick out at least 4 colors that create the overall mood.


Think of minimalist styles. It’s not all just black and white. There are the varying shades of gray in between black and white that bring it all together, each building on the other and expertly accentuating the overall theme. Bringing your attention to main areas such as backsplashes or feature walls. Framing areas that command the most attention, providing direction.


Color palettes are like science, a formula built to create the perfect theme to build your project from. But when executed properly - this science is more of an art - a way to put a little of yourself and your own creative flair into your project and evoke a feeling or embody a personality that defines the space as yours.


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