Marble & Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles
Marble & Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Marble & Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles


Your home is the place where you love to be, where some of the most important life events occur, and where memories that last lifetimes are made. To make your home a place that anyone would love to be in, it would be wise to create a warm and inviting feeling throughout your primary residence. Tiles are an extremely important component of creating this 'dream home' interior, and Marble & Natural Stone Tiles from Mosaic Tile Outlet can help turn this dream into a reality.


Mosaic Tile Outlet strives to expand its collection by introducing new innovative tile products to provide the best options for residential and commercial applications. We manufacture, sell and distribute tiles made of various premium materials to help you beautify the floors and walls in any part of your home. Find your most suited tiles from the readily-available 2021 mosaic tile collections of and submit your order today.


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Herringbone Pattern White & Gray Marble Tile


Marble is among the most preferred tile materials for its regal appearance and durability. This new arrival offers a unique herringbone tile pattern in honed white and gray marble. If you are a customer looking for the most appropriate tiles for a remodeling project, this product would be a perfect choice to provide an excellent appeal to any wall with its soft honed finish. Marble is also an excellent material for wet areas due to its natural water-repellant qualities. 


Gray and white marble mosaic tile in a herringbone pattern




1X2 Herringbone Gray & White Honed Marble Mosaic Tile


The combination of soft white and gray hues with an interesting interlocking herringbone pattern can create a beautiful kitchen backsplash or feature wall. This marble mosaic would add a touch of elegance to your installation and take your renovation projects to new heights of success and appreciation.


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Discover the Organic Beauty of Floral Marble Mosaics


Looking for a unique mosaic tile design that challenges the all-too-common linear, square and rectangular patterns? With a nod to nature through a beautiful floral pattern, our Modern Floral Marble Mosaic Tile would be your best choice to create a unique accent in any part of your home. Order this gorgeous marble tile today to bring your next tile project to the next level.


Marble in floral pattern and frost finish

 Modern Frost White Floral Marble Mosaic Tile


The timeless, yet modern and elegant, floral pattern makes this product perfect for any household. If you wish to strike harmony with other organically patterned flooring, carpets or area rugs, this is one of the most well-suited tile products available to achieve this. 


Striking Geometry with Diamond Pattern Marble Tile


This marble tile product is ideal for floors and walls in various parts of your homes, such as kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, shower floor, a living room feature wall, or the floor of your foyer. The repeating diamond pattern from tile to tile creates an eye-catching surface across floors or walls. The shades of white with contrasting gray tones demands attention without being a distraction.


Diamond-patterned square marble mosaic tile


Modern Diamond Gray & White Marble Mosaic Tile


If you're looking for a versatile marble mosaic for various applications, consider this product as it suits wide-ranging applications with ease. The modern diamond pattern on the tile surface helps you achieve the most striking balance of white against the light and dark gray veins of the natural marble. If you wish to add a timeless tile design to your home, order today and enjoy free shipping.


Honed Stone Mosaics in a Basketweave Pattern


Honed Argento Dolomiti is a popular natural stone known for its unique marbling. The appearance of the marble is often likened to a pencil-shaded drawing. By incorporating contrasting white marble in this Basketweave Mosaic, an interesting dimensional pattern is created, and seamlessly carried from one tile to the next when installed on floors or walls.


Honed stone mosaic for classic pencil shade-like appeal


If you're looking for a timeless pattern in a classic and elegant honed stone, this marble mosaic tile might just 'check all the boxes'. The rich gray marbled stone with bright white marble highlights come together beautifully in this unique basketweave tile.




Touch of Modern: Linear Glass & Travertine Stone Mosaic 


Travertine is a particular type of limestone available in mineral spring deposits, especially in hot springs. Travertine stone has solidified a place in modern architecture, and is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor flooring, as well as wall cladding. The application of this beautiful earth-tone stone shown below stands out by mixing Travertine and Glass in a Modern Linear Mosaic Tile.   


Beautify your space using linear-patterned natural stone tiles


 Modern Linear Glass & Travertine Mosaic Tile


The beauty of this natural stone is the dimmed colors and attractive texture on the tile surface. Contrasted by the blend of colored glass in a linear pattern, this tile is perfect for various wall and backsplash applications. The installation pictured above is a wonderful example of utilizing this Glass & Travertine Tile for a bathroom backsplash, contrasting with the white mirror frame and vanity.


The Takeaway


Our website has been helping you choose the best mosaic tiles by refining your search for various parameters, like application, color, material, finish, pattern, and style. Use filters from your left-hand side menu to cruise through the available mosaic tiles on our website as per your preferences.


We offer a free shipping service on your order. You can order a sample to check the quality and features of our tiles. Later, you can place an order for the complete required quantity of tiles.


The article covers a few popular new arrivals in marble and natural stone mosaic tiles, honed and frost finishes, and various catchy tile patterns. We hope that the latest additions to our collection would inspire you to think creatively about your home decor theme. Choose from our new arrivals to have the trendiest tile designs for your homes. 


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