Looking For New Design Trends for Tiles?
Looking For New Design Trends for Tiles?

Looking For New Design Trends for Tiles?

Tile is always in style because it is easy to maintain, looks amazing, and offers an infinite array of styles, shapes, and colors. It is also popular in today’s more eco-conscious home construction or renovation, thanks to its sustainability and long lifespan. When it comes to selecting tile for any space in your home, you may want to consider that longevity for a timeless look you can appreciate for as long as you live in your home. These nine tile trends can inspire you to think outside the box for both form and function for a look that can delight you for years.

  1. Natural Woods

    Hardwood flooring is a classic solution, but it can show lots of wear and tear, making it sometimes difficult to maintain. With natural wood finish tile in a larger plank shape, you have an easy-to-clean, more durable material that gives your floors the wood look you want without the hassle of stripping and refinishing.


    1. Mixed Geometrics

    Square and rectangular tiles have been the standard for centuries, but for a more modern look, go for a different shape. Hexagons, trapezoids, diamonds, and octagons are all making a splash in backsplashes and bathrooms, not to mention as an accent on walls and floors.


    1. Textured Finishes

    Most people are familiar with a traditional glossy finish for tile, but you have choices now for a more custom feel. Matte finishes, for example, have a sleek, modern feel that is virtually smudge-proof, while other tiles mimic the rougher texture of stone for an authentic appearance with more versatility.


    1. Glamorous Metallics

    Add opulence to any room with one of the newer metallic tiles that are popping up in showrooms everywhere. Copper, stainless steel, graphite, and other shades can be sleek and modern or charming with a vintage patina. Even with metallic tiles, you have lots of options.


    1. Graphic Patterns

    Design magazines and websites can’t seem to get enough of bold patterns, which range from a timeless, European feel to a more contemporary, asymmetrical style. Patterned tiling can be a commitment, so be sure to look around to find the motif that speaks to you.


    1. Polished Neutrals

    If patterns seem too busy for you, you may prefer the appeal of neutral tiles. Bright whites, pale grays, and sandy tans can all work well in a minimalistic home. Neutrals can complement other design themes because they blend so well with virtually any look.


    1. Mixed Palettes

    Another trendy take on patterns is sticking with different shades of the same hue or complementary shades from the color wheel. A floor or backsplash with small tiles within the same color family can soften the room while adding an eye-catching element.

    1. Modified Subways

    Subway tile took off in recent years, leading some designers to turn the trend on its head for a modern update. Instead of a standard horizontal layout, opt for a vertical format for a bit of personality. Another option is creating a custom look with subway tiles in a variety of sizes, which eliminates the uniform standard to which most people have grown accustomed.


    1. Oversized Tiles

    Most of the tiles you see at stores or online can fit easily in the palm of your hand, but not so with some of the new large tiles, which can range from one to four feet in length. These large-scale tiles can be more difficult to install, which means that your labor expenses may be more than they would be with a more traditional tile.

    Clearly, the times are changing when it comes to tiles. Find the motivation for remodeling your home with tiling from Mosaic Tile Outlet. Our showrooms can give you a sense of how the newest trends can work in your home.


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