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Knowing Your Alternate Options When Installing Tile

Knowing Your Alternate Options When Installing Tile

Know your options for installation


It’s easy to look at a tile and assume it’s going to be installed left to right, or top to bottom in a repeated pattern. Of course, this is depending on the layout of a single piece of sheet, but in reality, you have more options for installations than you think! Up, down, left, right, diagonal, intersected. You can even use multiple styles of tiles to accent each other in a single installation.


Let’s start with the basics – Single tile installations.


This, of course, is the most obvious and most straightforward of installations. You simply tile the entire area of your choice with a single type of tile. Whether it’s a mosaic sheet or a subway tile, the decision is yours. For a nice touch, you do have the ability to change the direction of installation to create some unique looks. We naturally perceive linear patterns left to right, just as we read a book. So why not try a vertical installation or even diagonal? This will quickly bring more attention to an already beautiful choice of tile. When it comes to subway tiles, you can borrow from different applications such as brick walkways and lay your tile in a basket weave pattern.


Create Boundaries


A trendy style of installation is to not cover the entire walls with tile. These “half-walls” or boundaries can be created by only tiling up to a certain height, usually about halfway up a feature wall. The top half can be painted a nice contrasting or complementary color to accentuate your tile further. If you’d like to take a step further, you can use “wedges” or pencil liner tiles to help further define the separate your “walls” from the non-tiled portions. If you are using subway tiles, you could also incorporate another color of the same size tile to help create this “boundary.”


Expand your space


Another option is to use the same floor tiles on the wall as well. This creates a fluid interior language for your home that helps blend and emphasize your chosen aesthetic without being too bold.


If you plan to do that, make sure that the tile you've selected is recommended for floor and wall and that you are using the proper setting materials for both applications.


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