How to Install Glass Backsplash Tile | Mosaic Tile Installation
How to Install Glass Backsplash Tile in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

How to Install Glass Backsplash Tile in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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Before You Begin

  1. Measure the overall area to determine number of mosaic sheets needed.
  2. Inspect material for any imperfections.
  3. Using a square and a level, draw gridlines to ensure straight and even installation.
  4. Make sure area is flat, Dry and Clean.                     

Tools for Installing Tile

Gloves, Goggles, Knife, Nippers, Notch Trowel, Rubber Float, Sponge

1) Apply mortar/adhesive

- Using flat side of V-notch trowel, apply mortar/adhesive. 

- Use the V-notched side to even sheets, line up grout joints

2) Apply mosaic tile sheets 

- Apply the mosaic tile sheets using light and even pressure.

3) Apply grout

- Apply grout with rubber grout float. 

- Force grout into the joints until they are full.

4) Wipe to remove excess grout

- After grout hazes over, use a damp sponge or cheese cloth towel to remove excess grout from top of tile. 

Grout and Mortar Recommendations

Grout Selection: Unsanded grout is recom- mended for any installation with a grout joint less than 1/8”, wall installations, and products with glass or metal finishes.


Grout Preparation & Application: Please consult grout preparation and application instructions provided by the grout manufacturer before using grout.


Grout Clean-up: With a dry lint-free cloth, remove excess grout from tile surface. Then with a clean sponge dampened with warm water, continue to clean the tile surface of grout. Once the tile surface appears clean, wipe down again with a fresh damp sponge to remove any grout film. After 15 minutes, buff the tile surface with a soft cloth.


Tile and Grout Sealing: Allow the installation to dry for 2 days. Inspect tile surface for remaining grout film and residue. A grout haze remover may

be used for removing any stubborn residue. Please consult grout haze remover instructions provided by the manufacturer before using grout haze remover. Test a precautionary section of the tile surface before using grout haze remover.

Allow the clean tile surface to dry before applying grout sealant. Please consult grout sealant instructions provided by the manufacturer before using grout sealants.


Stainless Steel and Aluminum Mosaics: Use quartz-free, flexible, plasticized joint sealers for non-absorbent materials for jointing to avoid scratches on the surface. Cut the material with a wet cutting device at the rear of the piece in order to prevent uneven edges. Cut edges can be treated and smoothed using fine sand paper or a metal file.


NOTICE: The information provided above are suggested guidelines and do not imply warranty.

Installation Tips

1) Start by selecting areas that are flat where full sheets can be set.

2) You may elect to start from the right, left or center and work outwards with      installation.

3) All cuts should be installed near or in the least visible area.


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