Improve Swimming Pools & Exterior Spaces with Iridescent Mosaic Tiles
Improve Swimming Pools & Exterior Spaces with Iridescent Mosaic Tiles

Improve Swimming Pools & Exterior Spaces with Iridescent Mosaic Tiles

We talk a lot about interior spaces on this blog but, as important as the interior design of your home is, the exterior creates the crucial first impression. The decorative elements you choose for your exterior spaces define your taste and lifestyle. A swimming pool, a garden, your walkways, driveways, entrances, floor, pool deck, patios, and other areas that surround your home are just as important as the room inside... and the exterior tile is a pivotal component in creating maximum appeal in these spaces.

Selecting the right mosaic tiles for your exterior remodeling project is extremely important but is also extremely challenging. Just like interior spaces, the mosaic tile varieties for swimming pools and exteriors are seemingly endless, and choosing the ideal tiles for each application can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll take a look at one of the hottest trends in exterior mosaic tile: Iridescent Mosaic Tiles.



What is an Iridescent Tile Finish?


Have you seen a soap bubble? It is the best example of iridescence, as the colors look different as the lighting changes, or as you change the angle of your view. Iridescent tiles produce a similar visual effect with their eye-catching colors and a brilliant aesthetic appeal. It's a kind of tile finish that adds a unique glamour to any tile installation.


We offer wide-ranging tile patterns and colors in glass mosaic tiles, and iridescent glass tile is gaining popularity within this product category. You can find the newest and most innovative iridescent tile designs on our online store and enjoy free shipping on every product you choose.


Why is Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile Best-Suited as Swimming Pool Tile?


Glass tile is naturally water-resistant and weather-resistant. Glass tile is dense and not porous, and therefore water cannot pass through the tile surface. It sustains the ideal pressure, temperature, and moisture when installed underwater, keeping your swimming pool installation looking great for years to come. This previous article covered some non-iridescent additions to the Glass Pool Tile collection. Below, we'll break down why iridescent glass tile is worth considering for your next pool tile installation.


Eye-Catching, Jaw-Dropping Looks


The iridescent finish adds a unique visual impact to glass pool tile, providing a brilliant shine above or below the waterline in your swimming pool or spa. The way the finish shimmers in light, enhanced further by the clear waves of the water, is something that no other material or finish can come close to. Iridescent tile is available in various solid colors and multi-color mosaics, giving you the flexibility to achieve any design theme across your exterior spaces.


Flexibility for Various Applications - Wet or Dry


Mosaic tile with this lovely finish is ideal as swimming pool tile, as we've already covered. However, iridescent glass tile also works well as an exterior wall tile, and you can carry that appearance right into an interior space to tie together the inside and outside of your home. Utilize iridescent tile to beautify your fountain areas, accent walls adjacent to your pool, waterfalls created within a landscape, and much more - making the most of this tile material and finish. 


Iridescent Mosaic Tile Ideas in 2021


While you search for tile designs to keep your home ahead of the times, we regularly introduce exciting new mosaic tile products to make your next project a success - and, as always, shipping is FREE! 


Here are our picks for iridescent mosaic tiles with the potential to redefine the style of your swimming pools and outdoor spaces:


Contrast the Cool, Blue Pool Water with the Color of Fire: RED! 


Introducing mosaic swimming pool tile made from the most durable and reliable glass material in one of the most attractive colors - red! Put your unique taste on display by installing these mosaic tile varieties in your swimming pools and spas. You can also create an interesting contrast by installing these tiles adjacent to your lawn or plants in other exterior areas. 


Red Iridescent Glass Tiles in a Stacked Rectangles Pattern


This new arrival is designed to demand the attention of any and all visitors to your swimming pool and other outdoor spaces. The unique rectangular pattern and textured appearance makes this glass tile stand out from the crowd. Along with pools and spas, this new mosaic tile can be installed in various indoor and outdoor spaces, including wet areas like a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall!


red stacked rectangles glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X2 Stacked Rectangles Red Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile


Restyle any surface with this tile to add a vibrant red shine to the space. Choose a suitable grout to either hide the seams between the tiles or contrast the seams to make them a design feature. Install this product as swimming pool tile to add a fiery red glow to the cool blue water. This iridescent mosaic helps to open up new design possibilities not possible with other glass tiles.


Mosaic Wall Tile With A Difference


Another latest arrival in our collection of iridescent glass tiles is all set to redefine the visual appeal of your pool and exteriors! The red mosaic tile comes in a stacked square tile pattern.


Red Iridescent Glass Tiles in a Stacked Squares Pattern


This iridescent glass tile is the same as the previous product above, but utilizes a Stacked Squares pattern instead of rectangles. With the smaller 1x1 squares. the alternating pattern creates a more intricate display perfect for smaller surfaces. Install this glass mosaic as swimming pool tile, or create exciting accent walls throughout your exterior spaces.


iridescent red stacked squares glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X1 Stacked Squares Red Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile


A light red or pink grout can help hide the seams between tiles and make the installation as seamless in appearance as possible. You can even install this product as shower tile to brighten up your bathroom spaces. The bright red colors of this modern glass tile work great when contrasted with more neutral tones in any space.


Vibrant Colors on a Glass Mosaic for Eye-Catching Appeal


If you intend to make your pool the focal point in your outdoor space, but red isn't exactly your first choice, we offer alternate iridescent tile varieties to fit your desired design theme. To generate a truly stunning visual appeal in your exterior spaces, consider this fascinating multi-color iridescent wall tile.


Multi-Color Magic in a Brilliant Glass Mosaic Tile


Are you looking for a mosaic tile that balances neutral earth-tones with a brilliant prism of bright color highlights? This multi-color iridescent tile does just that by adding a vibrant shimmer of various hues to a metallic-stone-like base for results that are nothing short of breathtaking. 


iridescent stacked rectangles glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X2 Stacked Rectangles Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile


The classic stacked rectangle pattern contrasted by a modern iridescent finish make this an ideal perfect swimming pool tile. Apart from pools and spas, you can also beautify your bathroom, kitchen backsplash, and walk-in shower by installing this tile. Again, the role of carefully-chosen grout options remains unchanged. Choose a white grout to create contrast, or go with a black grout to match minimize the appearance of seams between each tile.


A White Glass Tile that's Anything but Boring


Usually, a blue glass mosaic is a popular tile type for pools. This is because blue has a natural resemblance to the ocean and sky. Yet, have you considered using a white mosaic pool tile to challenge the status quo? If so, utilizing an iridescent white tile would make your pool and exterior space stand out from the crowd.


White Glass Mosaic Tile with Brilliant Iridescence


As you know if you've been reading our Tile Blog, glass tile is the most appropriate material for swimming pools and spas. Yet, the use of glass tiles that aren't blue may seem too risky to consider. White might not be the first alternate you consider for swimming pool tile, but this isn't your average white mosaic tile. 


iridescent white stacked rectangles glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X2 Stacked Rectangles Iridescent White Glass Mosaic Tile


Our brand new iridescent white glass tile in a modern stacked rectangles pattern changes everything you thought you knew about white tiles. Unlike your traditional glass tile, this brilliant white tile reflects light in a way that will enhance the appearance of any swimming pool or outdoor space. You can also take this product indoors to enhance the beauty of your shower, kitchen backsplash, or bathroom accent wall.


Iridescent White Glass Tile in a Stacked Squares Pattern


The previous product above is also available in a an alternate pattern - stacked squares. Like the red example earlier in the article, this pattern offers a more intricate alternative to the stacked rectangles pattern. Furthermore, the durability of glass mosaic makes this product a perfect choice for pools and other installations in the outdoor space.


Also like the previous examples, you can use this product as kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom wall tile, and shower tile.


white stacked squares glossy glass mosaic tile


Modern 1X1 Stacked Squares White Glass Mosaic Tile


We continuously innovate to introduce new products to our collection for various applications, such as shower, kitchen, floor, bathroom, outdoor floor, wall, and pool.


We use different materials and design the best products to attain maximum customer satisfaction.


These new arrivals make us feel proud as they enrich our menu. In addition, you can implement various interior and exterior design ideas by installing our tiles available in enormous varieties.


How To Find the Perfect Mosaic Tile for Your Next Project


Browse through the type of tile options at our online outlet as per your preferred material, application, sizes, finish, color palette, and styles. As you search for products based on various preferences, you can submit your orders for samples to take a glimpse of the product.


When you are satisfied with the quality and other parameters, you can place an order for the desired quantity of mosaic tile products browsing through our menu.


Key Service Elements To Help Our Customer Make A Wise Purchase Decision


  • Our online outlet offers a free delivery service for every order!
  • Use our calculators to determine the quantity, and
  • Refer to our look book to get innovative design ideas to redecorate any space.


To Wrap Up


The article takes you through the top 5 new arrivals in our iridescent glass mosaic tile collection. Buy these tiles at our online retail store today if the pool and exterior remodeling or a new installation are on your cards.


We always offer the most innovative designs in the mosaic tile industry to suit your aspirations and preferences for restyling any part of your home. Join the pool of our satisfied customers today, ordering samples of the tile varieties you like from our picks. Happy shopping!


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