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How to use Mosaic Metal or Metallic Tiles in your Project

How to use Mosaic Metal or Metallic Tiles in your Project

Metallic tiles have been around for quite some time. Typically for the most part they tend to be mostly available in stainless steel finishes. It can be expected this is due to most appliances or modern metal furniture being widely available in the same finish. This look can be a little too “industrial” and cold for most. The good news is that there is so much more available to those who look a little further. From soft silvers, and coppers to warmer tones such as bronze and gold. These are perfect to add some sophistication and warmth to your space without settling for one of the same top 5 neutral or beige tiles being sold at your local stores.


Looking beyond Stainless

At the top of todays trends, pewter, brass, copper, iron, and even bronze have become some of the main alternatives to stainless steel. They are resistant to high temperatures, moistures, food stains, and above all extremely durable. Because of this they can even be used in some places you’d never consider such as your kitchen backsplash.


Defining Character

Despite how durable one can expect anything made of metal to be, metal tiles are still susceptible to scratches and dents. A little extra caution should be taken during installation and extra care during maintenance. It’s even possible to scratch using the wrong type of grout, so be sure to look up the manufacturer recommendations.


Some metallic materials have special quirks that make it stand out even more than others would such as copper. Copper tends to develop a natural patina as it ages. Just like a good piece of leather starts to develop it’s own character as it ages. Patina works much the same as a natural process that occurs through oxidation.


Finding your look

All that glitters may not be gold, but the right combination of color and light can create a sense of luxury that just can’t be bought. Metallic tiles naturally are reflective of light to varying degrees depending on your finish, color, and source of light. The right combination can completely transform even your bathroom or lounge area.


It’s ok if you’re not ready to commit to the idea of an entire wall or just a backsplash of metallic tiles. It can be an acquired taste for most. That doesn’t mean you should completely rule out the idea of incorporating metal into your design. Metallic tiles are ideal for accents and helping accentuate tiles made of other materials such as glass or stone.


Metallic tiles used in such ways can provide an additional effect that is not easily achieved by other materials. Their reflective nature can create an illusion of space as they naturally brighten any area they inhabit.


Modern Luxury

The luxurious stylings of the Great Gatsby doesn’t have to have to live in the 20’s of the previous century. It’s making a comeback and will still long into the 20’s of the new millennium we live in today. Modern styling does not strictly have to be so cold, industrial, or stainless. There are so many more options available and just waiting to spark your imagination to create something new. Modern Luxe is the new wave - don’t miss it!


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