How to Tile Around Outlet - DIY
How to Tile Around Outlet - DIY

How to Tile Around Outlet - DIY

This is something every project encounters. There’s honestly just no avoiding it. Unless… you live in a home without any outlets on the walls. But we’re sure you don’t. Cutting around outlets can be annoying - we understand! You have this perfect tile for your backsplash that you’ve already imagined beautifully completed. It’s a simple flat and squared section of wall, simple right? But then you see it. An electrical outlet. Suddenly your project doesn’t seem so simple. You have to account for either a single or multiple cutouts to accommodate the outlets that exist on your wall for your appliances or devices. We’re here to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. Taking care of this is easier than you could imagine. 


Know Your Tile

First and foremost - in order to save you any headaches later on - you need to know how to handle the tile you have chosen to install. Cutting tile is pretty straightforward - but not all tile can be cut the same way. It’s possible you don’t even need to cut your tile at all. Maybe you just need to cut a small section of the mesh holding it together. You could use also use tile nippers to cut smaller sections of your tile, one bit at a time. Or you might need to use a tile cutter or even a diamond blade for tougher and thicker tile types. 

How do you know what you’ll need to cut your tile?

Easy - just refer to the tiles manufacturer specifications. Thankfully the manufacturer has done all the heavy lifting for us and outlined exactly what you can and can’t do with any tile you purchase as well as provide proven recommendations on how to handle your tile in different situations (such as cutting) and applications (inside, outside, floors, walls, etc.). 


Planning Your Install

Now that you have an idea of how to cut your tile as well as the tools you’ll be needing to do so during your installation - we should start getting an idea of how to best tackle our install. By planning beforehand, you can decide how best to install your tile by mocking up different tile placements around your install area to see which works best for you and your final install goals.


Mocking up tile placements before actually installing them could help you decide how to align your tiles in a way that allows you to cut as little as possible to fit your outlets, make cutting your tile overall much easier, as well as ensure your tile placement is ideal for the best overall post installation appearance.


Installing & Cutting Your Tile

Once your installation is underway and you’ve reached the area belonging to your outlets or similar obstacles you can begin preparing to cut out the needed area from your tile. As mentioned in the Know Your Tile section you will need to employ the cutting process as recommended by your manufacturer to accommodate your outlets. A pencil and a straight edge ruler really comes in handy here with drawing out any cuts you might need to make. 

Before you begin measuring or cutting anything - remember: You are not making your measurements or cuts to fit around the outlet cover. No.

You must remove the outlet cover and base your measurements for your cut on the cutout of your wall where your outlet exists. - Remember to turn off the power before you start to removing the cover of the outlets. Safety first - The edges of your outlet cover should sit above your tile covering it slightly after the install to allow for a nice seamless final installation. 

Once you have your proper measurements make the appropriate cuts or adjustments to your tile as per your tiles manufacturer recommendations. Once done, complete your install as per normal and install your outlet covers neatly making sure they sit nicely - partially covering the tile immediately surrounding your outlet and securely cover your outlet. 

As with all installations - a little patience and proper planning goes a long way. Accommodating for things like outlets in your installation should require no more skill or even tools than would already be required for the overall installation itself.


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