How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens
How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens

How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens

All white kitchens have been one of the biggest tile design trends of 2019 that, honestly, probably isn’t going anywhere. They are essentially a blank canvas. It’s hard to know where to begin, where to go, what theme to play with. Any tile you choose is sure to take the dominating presence in the room as a backsplash. Unless of course you also choose a white tile, but for most that might be a little too much white and this is your chance to break that up.


The Backsplash


If this were a reality tv show about tile then the kitchen would most definitely be “where the magic happens”. The backsplash is most definitely the make or break point of any home. For good reason too.


Taking advantage of this can go in many directions. The most common and sometimes considered the safest is with subway tile. It is inexpensive, readily available, and extremely versatile from different sizes to colors and materials. You can do just about anything you want with it really and almost no one would question the timeless design and aesthetics of a properly installed subway tile. Where one can really make it set apart however is the color. It is easy to fall into the trend of using neutral colors in a white kitchen to help compliment the lighter color in them and make for a seamless transition between counters, appliances, walls, and cabinetry. 


But why not go bold? Go big or just go home. Bright colorful pastels or dark grays or even blacks are great options to liven up your kitchen and bring out some personality that otherwise would feel muted with light neutral colors that do nothing but blend into the existing surrounds. Bright or bold colors provide a sense of “hey look at me, I’ve got style!” While black or dark colors evoke a sense of mature modern elegance you’d expect to see in a high end or luxurious abode.


On top of the available color choice at your disposal, integrating some texture is a great way to provide “feeling” to your backsplash whether that being with using stone like materials for a more rough, rustic appeal or subtle tiles with linen or grid like textures to add a slight sense of depth that is unavailable in standard flat smooth surface tiles. Brick or even wood look tiles are perfect for this bringing in a more natural aesthetic to break away from the polished manufactured feeling of perfectly uniform appliances and countertops.


Decorative mosaics thrive in these environments as well, coming in any imaginable color way as well as also providing a variety of textures and colors where no two pieces are the same. Like a quilt on your wall, decorative tiles will never fail to provide you with a one of a kind backsplash centerpiece that will demand the focus and attention of anyone in its presence. These tiles bring about a more classic and traditional aesthetic with their unique and typically hand made nature.


While last on our list of recommendations, geometric shapes are certainly not least. These tiles can be combined with all of our previous suggestions to really bring about something special. Any color, any texture, any pattern, and now any shape can be used to your advantage and break away from the monotony of your every day white kitchen install that will be the envy of all you invite into your home.


At the end of the day, there really isn’t anything you can’t do. This is your chance to take a little of yourself and your creative side, put it into the installation and express yourself.


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