How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens
How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens

How to Pick the Right Tile for All White Kitchens

Would you love to continue with the trend of all-white kitchens? Well, some interior designers may consider it outdated or overdone through the last decade. Yet, the beauty and feel of the white and the corresponding neutral colors are unmatchable. Again, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with new patterns, new colors, and a fresh elegance through some unique combinations. Isn’t it?


 mosaic kitchen backsplash tile


Let’s dive into some creative possibilities that can set a new style statement for the all-white kitchens. The most crucial element that drives the aesthetic appeal of all-white kitchens is the backsplash. Firstly, it is well within the range of our normal eyesight. Secondly, it provides a background to the most utilized part of the kitchen, the countertop, flame, sink, and in some cases, cabinets or trolleys.


Right Tile to Bring New Dimension to All White Kitchens

There are many ways to beautify your kitchens, redefining the way your backsplash looks. Here are some recommendations that would help you gain a different perspective for styling your kitchens:


  • The Marble Delight
Don’t wish to bring contrast to the appearance of your backsplash? Our Peel and Stick Classic Linear White Grey Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile could be a perfect option to go with. The pattern doesn’t harm the all-white elegance of your kitchen. Still, it provides a glimpse of off-beat aesthetic appeal with the beautiful greyish color shades.


  • Glossy Glass Stone with a Vintage Touch

    Experimenting with the shapes, sizes, and color combinations of backsplash tiles could bring out a different style statement altogether. If you are fond of having that vintage or antique kind of a look to your kitchen, the Arabesque Metallic Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile would be perfect for your backsplash.

    You can creatively choose the sequence and combination of colors like grey, blue, silver, and white. The best thing is to keep your backsplash in harmony with the other elements in your all-white kitchen. As you install these tiles to your kitchen backsplash, the installation would be the center of attraction for you, your loved ones at home, and the guests and visitors that enter your kitchen.


      metallic glossy glass stone mosaic tile


        • Adding Some Geometry

        One of the best experiments to beautify your kitchen backsplashes would be using hexagonal tiles. However, to keep the color arrangement complementing all-white kitchens, I strongly recommend Hexagon Natural Glazed Handmade Ceramic Mosaic Tile. The geometric pattern adds a sense of versatility to your interior decor.




        Design the pattern of your backsplash, combining colors like beige, grey, and white. While designing the arrangement, do consider the overall area covered by the backsplash, the resulting visual impact you would like to achieve, and of course, the other elements in your all-white kitchen, like your flooring, countertops, cabinets, fittings, and other walls.


        • Combine the Elegance of Wood and Subway

        Using subway tile patterns for backsplashes makes your kitchens look trendy. Now, how about adding some spice to the subway pattern with an antique wooden appearance to it? Sounds exciting! Isn’t it? Sounds exciting! Isn’t it? The Subway Brown Glossy Wood Grain Glass Mosaic Tile helps you attain this eye-catching blend.


        Arrange the tile colors in your desired sequence to enhance the overall appeal of your installation. Again, the woody look adds tremendous impact to the visuality of your kitchen backsplash, combining the best of tradition, modernity, and the industrial style subway geometry.


        Mosaic Tile Outlet – Your definitive source

        Whatever your style or choice may be, you can count on Mosaic Tile Outlet’s massive variety of mosaic to fit any style you have in mind. Simple, neutral, traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered.


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