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How to: Installing Mosaic Tiles

How to: Installing Mosaic Tiles

Making the most of your tile installations.

White, beige, blue.
Small, medium, large.
Subway, herringbone, or linear mosaics.

The options and variety of tiles available are just endless.
It’s hard enough deciding on your favorite or planning out an interior that properly coordinates with the aesthetic of your dream project.

Tiles can define the spaces within your spaces, create, and promote moods. But where do you even begin? An interior designer can be an irreplaceable asset in situations like these, but we’re here to provide some guidance and ideas.

Where to begin?

Installing tile can be an excellent opportunity to make an impact on your space and those that visit it. Whether it's the main piece or just a simple accent, with the right combination of material and placement, the results will speak for themselves.

First and foremost, tile can be used for a lot more than just kitchens and bathrooms. The right tile can perfectly coordinate with your living room furniture, painted accent walls, or your choice of flooring.

Feature walls & backsplashes are also an excellent way to bring out the most of your spaces and explore a variety of styles. A simple pattern can add some character to the room without being too loud, while a striking color can turn heads and bring the area front and center. Regardless of the course you take, most importantly, make sure it still compliments the rest of your space.

Colors, Patterns, what next?

One word: Textures

Colors and patterns can tell a wonderful story, especially when used together. But throw in some textures, and you will add some real dimension to your spaces. Tiles with beveled faces, geometric extrusions, even molded to look like planks of wood or slabs of stone laid above one another. These all provide a new element of depth and feeling to your home that will be further accented with coordinating pieces of décor in your home. The result? An entirely new atmosphere.

Making the most of your Investment

No matter the room where you’ve installed the tiles, nor what materials, finish or texture you've selected, it's essential to maintain it as lovely as the day you've installed it. By spending a few extra minutes, you can protect against contaminants and stains, spills or the effects of time. To learn more about the best care and maintenance of your tile, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and if you have any additional questions contact us.

At Mosaic Tile Outlet, we help you get and keep the look you want for your home with an impressive selection of products, and the always friendly customer care.


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