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How to: DIY Mosaic Tile Project

How to: DIY Mosaic Tile Project

DIY Projects – There’s no greater satisfaction


You’ve renovated your bathroom, your bedroom, your living room… well maybe just about everything. Maybe it’s been a few years, or maybe you’ve got an idea for a really small project that might not be worth contracting. There’s no better opportunity to try a DIY approach. Nothing is more satisfying than completing a “Do-It-Yourself” project.


But where do we begin?


The great thing about DIY is that you can do anything you really set your mind to, assuming of course you have the patience and equipment required to do so. Lets keep it simple to start and outline a few ideas perfect for your first DIY tile projects.


Tiling your floor


Naturally, for a DIY project, you’d want to make sure you’re only considering this in a small area like a small bathroom, den, or even a closet. Larger areas require more planning and proficiency.


An evenly spaced square room would be your best bet in order to minimize any special cuts or measuring you’ll be required to do for a proper fit. With some patience and a little sweat, tiling your floors can be a huge confidence builder for larger future projects. It’s a great way to get familiar with the basics of most tile installs. Measuring you area, removing old materials, cleaning and prepping your area for installation, evenly laying thin-set, ensuring a level surface, cutting your material to fit, laying your tile, applying grout, and finally cleaning.


Kitchen Backsplashes


Kitchen backsplashes can be the most immediately satisfying and rewarding DIY projects for your home. We spend a considerable amount of time in our kitchens and it’s the easiest place to really make an impression when it comes to your homes’ styling.


Most kitchen backsplashes are also relatively simple when it comes to DIY. The average backsplash is only about 15-18 inches high and usually only spans the length of your kitchen counter unless you’d like to extend it across the entire kitchen wall! Likely the only difficult parts of this DIY project will be evenly applying a layer of thin-set to lay your tile on in order to provide an evenly laid backsplash and also accounting for any wall outlets you might have to make cut outs for as you lay you sheets of mosaic.


Bonus: This same process & level of difficulty also applies to your bathroom. Keep in mind tiling your shower or bath area is a different story and should be left to the professionals to ensure a long lasting installation.



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