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How to Determine the Best Mosaic Wall Tile Trends

How to Determine the Best Mosaic Wall Tile Trends

There tends to be a small misconception when it comes to bringing tile into your home. It’s easy for us to automatically assume that an installation includes the entire home. This is not always the case! Sometimes the installation is specifically only for a certain area; a kitchen, a bathroom, a backsplash. Different tile in different parts of the home can create individual experiences and tailor different moods for each area.


These days, one of the growing trends are feature walls. Feature walls can provide a room with a unique design element that can bring focus to a specific area like a fireplace per se, or provide a nice contrast to help to give direction within a room such as a main wall or furniture backdrop.



Let’s be honest, we spend the majority of our time in the bathroom facing 1 of 2 directions. We look at the bathroom mirror while we clean up or brush our teeth, and then towards the shower head while we bathe or relax in a bath. Covering the entire facing wall is an excellent way to further emphasize these directions of interaction. They would also help bring more life to your space than a small backsplash normally would above the sink.



A good fireplace brings focus to the room and provides a centerpiece for you and your guests to gather around to enjoy together. Depending on the style of your fireplace, this is by far one of the best available options for tiled feature walls. You can either tile around it up the wall, or even tile the fireplace itself up to the mantel. Just make sure you use the appropriate tile and setting material so it doesn’t crack or break from heat during use of the fireplace - you definitely want to prioritize function over form in this scenario. 


Make A Statement

A feature wall, tiled accent wall, or centerpiece, however you wish to refer to it - is one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic statement in your home without completely renovating the entire space. Treating your tile like wallpaper can be the best approach as you think of new and unexpected places to install it. Maybe you’ll just make a simple accent strip with a single line of tile rather than the entire wall, maybe you might even allow it to extend onto portions of a connecting wall or ceiling. Use multiple tiles and create patters or even separate the wall into sections. Use shapes to draw the eye across the room or to specific elements on your wall. Even use tile to frame a painting or portrait your might have hanging.  You’re only limited by your own creativity and, of course, the limitations of the material you decide to use. Please don’t try to put large heavy slabs of porcelain on your ceiling, trust us - it’s not a good idea. Always remember to refer back to the manufacturer for recommended applications and instructions for installation.


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