How to Clean Pool Tiles - Pool Care and Maintenance
How to Clean Pool Tiles - Pool Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Pool Tiles - Pool Care and Maintenance

An outdoor swimming pool adds up a value to the property. The pool season attracts many homeowners who wish to install or remodel their swimming pools to make their premises look extra-glorious.

Having a pool in-house is a soothing factor in bringing up the summer rejuvenation but pool maintenance also needs your attention. Cleaning your pool, especially pool tile, should be a critical part of your routine.

Monitoring the quality of your swimming pool water and keeping every corner of the swimming pool intact will help you retain your swimming pool's visual appeal and functionality for years to come.


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This article discusses various aspects of tile maintenance, especially pool tile cleaning methods. For a brief overview of different ways of pool tile cleaning, this article is for you.

Let's drill down the most effective ways to maintain your pool tiles clean:

What Are The Ways to Clean Swimming Pool Tiles?

Let's begin by understanding what sorts of impurities and other contamination you may need to clean from your pool and pool tile:


  • Organic matter like grass clippings and debris from the pool water surface and bottom,

  • Stains or grime from the waterline tiles,

  • Hard Water deposits,

  • Calcium deposits, like calcium carbonate, and more.

You need to adopt various tile cleaning techniques and use multiple suitable tools to remove these stains, scales, and deposits.


Pool maintenance also includes various other activities - like monitoring the pH level of pool water, cleaning filters, repairing and maintaining pool decks, cleaning the water softener, and more. Check the pool chemicals and ensure they don't affect the pH level of your pool water.


Mineral buildup due to heat and chemical imbalance is another challenging issue. Selecting proper tile cleaner, equipment, and tools for tile cleaning and adopting suitable techniques are crucial to maintaining your pool tiles clean for years ahead.


Let's go through the tile cleaning techniques one by one to understand the overall process, and proper techniques to keep your swimming pool thoroughly clean.

How to clean glass pool tiles?

Usually, glass tiles have glossy, frosted, iridescent, and similar finishes. The smooth texture on their surface is not prone to sticky stains. So, technically, it may be easy to clean glass pool tiles compared to matte-finish porcelain or ceramic tiles.


A simple method to clean glass tiles on your swimming pool walls is to use a mixture of water and vinegar and gently scrub these tiles with a soft brush. You can also use an old toothbrush. Scrub using a brush, preferably in a circular motion, to easily remove stains.


A proportionate mixture of dish soap and vinegar will also provide excellent results. Clean glass tiles after emptying the pool. Use a spray bottle to spray the tile cleaner mixture on each tile and scrub it gently.


Simple homemade cleaners and fresh water from the tap are sufficient to keep glass pool tile cleaner. Like a wire brush, a stiff brush can damage the texture and finish of the glass pool tiles. Avoid hard abrasive material to scrub these tiles.

Cleaning Stains and Scales on Your Pool Tiles

The tiles in your swimming pools may get stained for various reasons. Everyday stains are easy to remove as they may be due to some sticky substance adhering to the tile surface. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your pool become challenging if the pool tile gets different scale types.


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What builds up on your waterline tiles?

Your pool's waterline or filling line is more prone to get scaled. Calcium deposits keep building up if the waterline tiles are not regularly cleaned and maintained.


The higher pH value of pool water contributes to calcium buildup. Modern mosaics may get calcium deposits due to the high alkalinity of the pool water. As the water evaporates, minerals in the hardware may generate scale on the tile surfaces due to the higher total alkalinity.


Effective ways for waterline pool tile cleaning

Your waterline tiles may get stained due to a chemical imbalance of pool water, algae growth, or mineral buildup. Here are some proven techniques to get rid of these scaling and keep your waterline tiles intact:


  • Calcium carbonate scaling looks white and flaky. The simple way to remove this kind of scaling is to use muriatic acid. This acid may be available in a local pool supply store. It reacts with the flaky white crust and bubbles it up in a short time.

  • Pressure cleaning the waterline tiles has been a popular cleaning method. It may be effective in tough stains due to calcium build like calcium silicate.

  • Another effective technique to get rid of chemical deposition is bead blasting. It is better to hire a professional pool cleaner for this method. An abrasive material is sprayed over the scale to remove it without harming the tile texture.


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Scrubbing waterline pool tile using a pumice stone

Pumice stone is made of ground volcanic rock. Use it to scrub your wet tile to prevent scratching. If your tile cleaner and brush don't provide the desired result, using a pumice stone is recommended. Never use a hard, abrasive material, like a grinding wheel, to remove scaling on the waterline tiles. Make pumice stone a significant part of your tile maintenance routine.

Safety First

It is not recommendable to overlook safety during pool maintenance. With proper material, methods, and tools, you need safety gear to ensure proper maintenance without any injury or harm to yourself.

Always wear protective gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection while performing any pool maintenance activity. Safety must be a part of your work culture.


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To Summarize

The article and the following infographic take you through practical pool tile cleaning and maintenance methods. We hope that the various aspects covered in this article will provide you with brief technical know-how about the ideal methodology to maintain your pool tile cleaner for a long time.


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