How to Choose The Best Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom?
How to Choose The Best Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

How to Choose The Best Backsplash Tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Decor-savvy homeowners like you strive to make every corner of your home glamorous and stylish, creating a style statement. The Interior decor theme you implement reflects your artistic inclination. Fortunately, the fascinating range of mosaic tiles helps you add life to any space and display your style sense.


Having said that, along with perfect lighting, cabinetry, hardware, and a color scheme, it takes a ‘stake of decisions’ while creating a functional bathroom or kitchen space. And choosing the most appropriate backsplash tile for your kitchen backsplashes and for bathroom backsplashes is challenging! 


You want to choose the best tile among the wide range of style elements, innovative patterns, and textures on various durable backsplash tile materials. Right? And when you browse the most elegant tile colors, delighting tile patterns and finishes - the selection process becomes much more complicated than you think.


glossy glass tile


Gray Light Blue Classic 1X2 Brick Frosted Glossy - Glass Tile - MTO0086


Now, let's jump to the eternal question most homeowners have - how to choose backsplash tile for the kitchen? The selection of tiles for the kitchen backsplash area is mainly a personal preference. 


However, homeowners must consider some techno-commercial factors to ensure the durability of the kitchen backsplash tile installation, with a stunning dash of aesthetic appeal.

Key Factors To Consider While  Choosing Backsplash Tiles

Our product range for kitchen backsplash tile is ever-expanding! Any decor theme you have on your mind, you will indeed find appropriate tiles for kitchen backsplashes, enhancing the visual appeal of your kitchen.


Before you start exploring and experimenting with the best backsplash tiles and their appearance, let's drill down the few key factors to consider while choosing the tiles:

#1 Aesthetic Appearance

What sort of decor theme would you like to implement for your kitchen or bathroom? Do you like the essence of serenity that an all-white kitchen creates? Are you looking for a vintage-style kitchen with wooden cabinets, old-fashioned utensils, and antique lamps suspended above your countertop and dining table?


modular glossy glass mosaic tile


Blue Brown Aquamarine Blend Modern Modular Glossy - Glass Mosaic Tile - MTO0091


According to your personal preference of style, you can choose from classic or modern tile styles to elevate the elegance of your kitchen. A few other significant criteria determine the kind of visual appeal your backsplashes will generate. These elements will help you choose the right kitchen backsplash tiles:


  • Tile Colors

You get a range of stunning and even soothing colors in backsplash tiles for kitchens or bathrooms. Backsplash tile may cover minimal space or sometimes an entire wall in your kitchen or bathroom - touching the ceiling and around the cabinetry. Therefore, choosing a color that merges well within the space decor or creating a beautiful contrast is essential.


You can elevate the appearance of your backsplash by using quartz countertops, making it look a classic beauty. Choose appropriate colors for kitchen walls and bring the stance of sophistication to your backsplash. 


Grout lines should be another consideration while installing a backsplash. As you go for fewer grout lines, you can enhance the visual interest of the entire kitchen or bathroom.


The first implementation image showcases a classic backsplash in gray and light blue colors. The tile colors fit the all-white decor theme -with white countertops and cabinetry.


  • Tile Patterns

Repetitive geometric shapes of tiles are crucial to derive the aesthetic appeal of the installation. You have enormous tile patterns to choose from - such as deco, diamond, arabesque, hexagon, herringbone, chevron, modular, linear, subway tile, and more.


Tile patterns contribute to the overall visual interest and effect of a backsplash. To energize homemakers who prepare food in your kitchen, try to add dimension to your kitchen backsplash.


Choose a pattern that complements other decor elements of the kitchen, like your cabinetry, countertops, paint on the walls, floor, ceiling, and utensils. Install the best-suited tile pattern to take the glamor of your kitchen or bathroom to new heights.


The second implementation image shows a backsplash installation with modular pattern tiles in brown, blue, and aquamarine blend colors. The tile shapes enhance the intricacy of the design idea - making it extra elegant!


  • Tile Finish

The tile finish you select should go well with your interior design scheme to deliver your desired result. You can pick from various finishes: matte, glossy, polished, glazed, frosted, wood grain, iridescent, metallic, and more.


Finish improves the texture of a tile material and offers an elegant outlook as you install a tile for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. The first implementation image can be the best example of a glossy finish for a classic-style backsplash. 

#2 Durability

Though you prioritize aesthetics and style, you want your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes to last for years to come. Don't you? Backsplash tile materials determine the overall durability of the installation.


glass metal mosaic tile


Gray White Modern Linear Glossy - Glass Metal Mosaic Tile - MTO0142


Let's analyze backsplash materials suitable for kitchens and bathrooms through simple examples:

Natural Stone or Glass Tiles: Which One Should You Prefer?

Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and glass mosaic tiles portray their natural beauty, and they have the required qualities for the application.


The kitchen backsplash tile should be heat resistant, as you have stoves and ovens to prepare food adjacent to the backsplash. As these backsplashes protect the walls behind the stove from splashes of water, oil, and more, they must be water-resistant too.


Then, how to choose a backsplash tile for your bathroom?


For bathroom backsplash, the primary concern is moisture damage. The tiles need to be moisture resistant to sustain the water in the bathroom through your various grooming activities.


Consider ceramic tile, natural stone backsplash tile, porcelain tile, travertine, and glass mosaics for this application - So that you enjoy the elegance of the installation for a long time. 

#3 Ease of Backsplash Installation

Hiring a professional tiling contractor for tile installation is necessary to ensure better workmanship and for smooth finishes. The installation process may differ based on the tile materials and patterns. For instance, marble, travertine, and ceramic tiles require more time for installation.


glass metal mosaic foil tile


Bronze Brown Green Linear Glossy Metallic - Glass Metal Foil Mosaic Tile for Bathroom Backsplash - MTO0206


The implementation image above shows a bathroom backsplash installed with glass metal foil tiles. This type of tile is easy to install. Another tile material that can save your time is peel and stick tiles.


However, installation takes place only once - the tiles remain in place for decades. Discuss the installation process with your tiling contractor and choose easy-to-install tiles.

#4 Ease of Maintenance

Tile maintenance should be a routine activity and should not require unique materials, tools, or specialized skills. You should be able to clean and repair minor errors on the weekends. Consider this while choosing your mosaic tiles, as tile maintenance may conjure up a nightmare if not tackled tactfully.


Carrara Marble Backsplash Tile


Gray White Modern Arabesque Glossy - Carrara Marble Backsplash Tile - MTO0212


#5 Budget for Backsplash Tiles

Plan a budget for your renovation project first before searching for tiles. You don’t want to empty your pocket only in the tiles; hence with a budget, you can go for cost-effective tiles that suit your needs. The best way to determine if the tile you choose is cost-effective or not is to measure the backsplash area and calculate the square footage in advance.


Our tile calculator will help you determine the tile area and the overall cost of the tiles. Avoid selecting extra-premium tiles as they may blow up your budgetary calculations. You can browse the exclusive collection of backsplash tiles to discover and ingest tile ideas.

We created an infographic to help you understand and remember the selection criteria quickly. We compiled 7 tips for choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Take a glance at this infographic:

tips to choose perfect backsplash tile

The Takeaway

Choosing the best backsplash tiles is a task that requires precision. You can scroll through this article as your ‘go-to guide’ to make a perfect choice for backsplash tiles. Whatever your decor and style aspiration might be, Mosaic Tile Outlet covers the suitable backsplash tiles. You also can refer to our backsplash tile buying guide for more in-depth insights into backsplash tile selection.


We hope that the various aspects of kitchen or bathroom backsplash tiles covered in this article will help you make a perfect choice. 


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