How to Choose Shower Wall Tile: Designer Secrets for Perfect Shower Ti
How to Choose Shower Wall Tile: Designer Secrets for Perfect Shower Tiles

How to Choose Shower Wall Tile: Designer Secrets for Perfect Shower Tiles


Renovating a bathroom may be a messy and challenging task for us if we are planning a DIY Project. Hiring a professional renovation contractor is recommended, as they possess the right tools, right material, skilled workforce and experience in renovating bathrooms. 

Selecting mosaic tiles for the shower walls would be the most crucial aspect. The shower tile we select should look glamorous and last for years ahead. Isn’t it?


Modern Arabesque Beige White Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Modern Arabesque Beige White Glazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile


Let’s uncover the selection factors we must consider to get the best shower tiles for the next bathroom renovation project. Honestly, these aspects help while designing a new bathroom also. We have divided the discussion into two segments:

Ideal properties of shower tiles

Some significant features make a mosaic tile suitable for shower walls. Let's briefly discuss the technical aspects to consider while finalizing shower wall tiles:

Properties Desired in a Shower Tile

Let's think about the properties of tiles we must keep in mind. If the tiling surface gets the perfect tile meeting these criteria, our tiling installation will last longer and keep the bathroom elegant.

Water Resistant

The shower area is wet most times, as we take a shower and take up other grooming activities in this space every morning. We must save the shower wall from the damage the water contact may cause. At the same time, select the tile material that sustains continuous exposure to water and fits our budget.


Subway White Glazed Ceramic Tile

Subway White Glazed Ceramic Tile


Look for tiles that are less porous as they don't allow water to pass down their thickness. We offer mosaic tiles in materials that serve this purpose. Shop for suitable tiles for the backsplash and the wall in the shower area that avoid water absorption through the tiles.


The tile we choose must resist cut and scratch to last longer. Though we are careful about such things while in the bath, some sharp objects may cause irreparable damage to tiles. Look for scratch-proof tile material, like ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or glass mosaic tile, to avoid such issues.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

It is functionally good to install tiles that require less maintenance and are much easier to clean. Regular wiping of the wall surfaces by soap water, and mild cleaners should be the only cleaning requirement. If our shower tiles need special chemicals, specialized equipment, and skills to clean them, the process becomes tedious and less frequent.


Any customer wants the shower tiles to last for decades. Our advice is to search for tile materials that sustain water contact, adverse temperature, and limited ventilation. To rest assured about the durability of our shower tiles, always go for the material range, like ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and stone mosaic tiles.


Hexagon Shower Tile

Subway Hexagon Shower Tile



Aesthetic appeal is a subjective aspect, as it may change based on our personal preferences. However, we can stick to the basics. Play with multiple colors and tile patterns when there is ample space. Select large-format tiles to make a small room look larger. 

Decide on some intricate tile pattern like a stacked square or modular to create a unique accent on a bathroom wall. In short, choose tiles that complement our interior design theme.

Parameters To Consider While Buying Shower Tiles

Along with the technical properties, the following are some other crucial aspects we must consider while selecting the shower or bathroom tiles.

Always remember that the technical features of the shower floor and shower wall tiles differ. Our shower floor surface must be tiled with anti-skid floor tiles to avoid slips and falls. The floor tile must sustain foot traffic and should have adequate weight carrying capacity. That's why tiles for the shower floor are ideally thicker than wall tiles.

Tile Material

Tile material will decide the longevity of our bathroom tiles. As discussed above, the material must last longer being in close contact with water consistently, should be easy to maintain and clean, and should look fabulous.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most preferred tile materials for bathroom tiles, as it is water-resistant, scratch-proof, durable, and looks great.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is from the same family of tiles and possesses similar, somewhat technically better quality than ceramic tiles. These tiles are ideal for our shower area.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is also ideal for the application. Find fantastic varieties in color and patterns to glorify the aesthetics of our bathroom. This type of tile offers smaller tiles for complex design ideas.

There are also a few other tile materials, such as marble, river rock, and travertine mosaic tiles that are suitable for tiling our shower walls.

Tile Pattern

Tile patterns make our surfaces look beautiful and stylish. While choosing the repetitive geometric profile, such as hexagon, chevron, herringbone, subway, brick, linear, and so on, consider the size of our room and the area of the surface being tiled.


Subway Wave White Molded Glass Mosaic Tile - Mosaic Tile Outlet

Subway Wave White Molded Glass Mosaic Tile 


The implementation image shows a molded glass mosaic tile in the subway wave pattern. It enriches the elegance of the backsplash, complementing the retro styling element brought by the surrounding decorative elements.

Tile Finish

Tile finish and texture contribute to the surface's appearance. Glossy glass mosaic tiles look fabulous on shower walls. Similarly, we can try ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles to redefine the pleasure of being in the bathroom.

Tile Color

The color of the shower tile creates the mood. Aqua-themed colors like blue, aquamarine, light blue, cobalt, and dark blue make our bathroom look fascinating, as blue is the color of the ocean. We can also try an all-white décor theme or mix and match other colors to create harmony with our curtains, bath fittings, walls, and furnishing within the bathrooms.


Modern Linear Blue White Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile - Mosaic Tile Outlet

Modern Linear Blue White Glossy Glass Stone Mosaic Tile 


Tile Style

Modern and classic styles are most popular. However, we can also try contemporary looks close to classic or vintage style, with a hint of freedom to apply modernity.

Proper Tile Installation is Crucial

As discussed in the initial phase of this article, our bathroom tile must be easy to install. Additionally, follow the best installation practices by using proper tools and methods.

Prepare the Surface Well

Cleaning and making the surface even before tiling is essential. That increases the durability of our bathroom tile installation. Keep in mind the slope of the floor to ensure adequate water discharge also.

Create an Outline

Before installing the tiles, create an outline using a pencil and place the tiles dry to get an idea if we need to cut or trim some tiles. Also, plan the borders with pencil-patterned tiles beforehand.

Cut Tiles Properly

Use appropriate tools and methods to cut the tiles precisely. While cutting our bathroom tiles, any chips may lead to injuries, and an uneven, awkward look after tile installation.

Mind the Grout Lines

Select the grout color based on the tile color to create a harmonious look or a contrast. Applying the grout and removing excess grout after an application is also significant to ensure our shower tiles' better life and appearance.

The Takeaway

The article takes through the significant tile properties and selection factors to consider while buying shower wall tiles. The brief on the installation process helps us perform tiling in an error-free manner. 

We emphasize selecting the right shower wall tile for the next bathroom renovation project. Browse through our exclusive collection of shower tiles today, and make the choice of shower tiles considering the factors discussed above. Happy Shopping!


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