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How To Hire A Professional Tile Installer For A Project?

How To Hire A Professional Tile Installer For A Project?

Tile has become an almost universal feature in most contemporary homes and commercial establishments. To bring the design element, finding the right professional is essential when you have a project in mind.

If you're considering investing in new tiles for your home or office and want to know how much it will cost, you should go with hiring a professional as the best bet. Furthermore, the right installer can distinguish between an average home renovation and something that feels like a brand new space. Going by the research data, in the US itself the tile installer industry is expected to grow by 0.2% by 2022, till date the industry is $13.0bn in 2022. [Source]

However, hiring a contractor can be nerve-wracking and can leave you questioning if you made the right decision or not. Wondering how to hire a professional tile installer for your next project? Read on the blog to explore the different types of tile installers, their associated duties, and who should be hired for your next project. We have encased them to help you find the right tile installer for your upcoming home innovation project.

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What Is A Professional Tile Installation?

Professional tiling is the term used to describe the installation of wall and floor tiles in a commercial or home environment. The installation is carried out by a company or individual who has been trained and is experienced at this work.

The most important thing about professional tiling is that it needs to be done correctly. If the tiles are not set properly, or the grout is not perfect, it can end up messing up with the design theme, making the whole room look less attractive.

Beside professional tiling a wall or floor ensures the durability and helps the tiles installation to withstand with time. It also makes the space appearance more polished and luxurious.

Who is A Professional Tile Installer?

A professional tile installer has been trained to safely, accurately, and quickly install tile in houses and offices. They use the right tools and have access to all the suitable materials to ensure that their work is as perfect as possible from day one. You can find many professional tile installers nearby advertising their services on websites. Finding a professional bathroom tile installer or a certified tile installer for the kitchen isn't too tricky.

A poorly executed home improvement project can completely change the entire feel of a room or house, making it look old and tired again. If you're planning on hiring someone for your home improvement project, you should know what considerations to make first so that you end up with the right person for the job.

Tile installation is not an easy job. It requires a particular level of expertise. If you're looking for someone who's been trained to do the job safely and correctly, you'll need to hire a professional. While the right tools and materials can help any homeowner get ahead, a trained installer is the only way to ensure that the tile is installed correctly, with the tile replacement guide by a professional tile installer.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Tile Installation?

There are many advantages to having your tiling job done professionally. Not only will you get a better result, but you'll also save time and money in the process. Let's check out the benefits of professional tiling:


Key Aspect


  • Better quality
  • Professional tiling quality is always higher than DIY tiling because it is blended with more experience and training to do it well.
  • Faster completion time
  • With professional tiling, you can expect your project to be finished much faster than if you do it yourself. It is time-saving while your project is underway. 
  • Superior look and finish
  • The finished look of a project is what matters, right? And with professional tilling, you can be sure that your space will have an attractive, high-end look. 
  • Peace of mind
  • You'll have more peace of mind with a professionally done job because you know it will be done right and done on time. You don't have to worry about unfinished projects or mistakes someone may have made.


How to Choose A Professional Tile Installer?

You should look for many things when choosing a professional tile installer. Let’s scroll through the key aspects to consider to select a tile installer:

  • Track Record

When it comes to the question of how to find a good tile installer choose someone with a good reputation and previous work that can show. It is the best way to figure out if the company you have in mind is trustworthy and reliable. In addition, if there is a problem with the job, the company's reputation is the first place people will look for answers. If a contractor's past work isn't up to par, you'll be stuck with a mess and nobody to blame.

  • License

A contractor has to be trained to handle tile installation. Also, you must be wary of companies that don't need their contractors to have a current license. A license ensures that the contractor is competent and works according to uniform standards.

  • Equipment

While you may get by with a borrowed tape measure and pencil for measuring out the space for the tile, a professional tile installer should own their own measuring tools. It includes a tape measure, a square, a pencil, a level, and any other tools you might need while measuring the space.

  • Get a Quote From Your Prospective Tile Installer

When you're ready with the steps of how to find a certified tile installer, be sure to get quotes from a few tile installers. Ask for quotes from more than one contractor. There are many contractors, and it's a good idea to get quotes from a few different ones.

In order to get quotes, you may need to contact each contractor's office directly, but most tile installers are either on the phone or by email, so this should be easy.

When you get the quotes, make sure to ask the following questions:


  • What type of work are you planning to do?
  • When is the best time to get an appointment?
  • Do you have a minimum amount of work per appointment? If so, how much?
  • What is the tracking number for the job?
  • What is the warranty on the job? - When will you start the job?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Do you offer cleaning services? - Do you have any other questions?


  • Check Reviews Before Hiring

Before you find the right tile installer, check the reviews to ensure you're hiring the right person. Also, seek recommendations from friends and family. Avoid hiring a contractor with a low rating, even if you hire, you need to be careful. If a contractor has a low rating, it's usually because of a few bad reviews, not because they're a terrible person.

Remember that, just like with any product, a few people are bitter or grudge against a specific type of work. Reading through reviews will help you weed through the negative ones and find the more neutral ones.


  • Know When To Ask For A Bid Difference

When the contractor comes to do the job, be sure to ask them to take a look at your tiles. If they don't, don't be afraid to ask them to. When they're finished with the job, look at the work they did. Ascertain that you're satisfied with the work before you hire them. If you think they might redo something or make a mistake, ask them to correct it.

What Should You Look In A Tile Installer?

Key Aspect


  • Experience
  • Many people don't think about it when searching for a ceramic tile installer, but the experience is the key to the whole process. Search for a tile installer with an extensive experience. 
  • Safety 
  • It is definitely a huge concern for most homeowners, and it is something that you should be focused on when hiring a tile installer. Ensure that the installer you choose is well-trained and has the necessary experience to do the job safely. 
  • Professionalism
  • This aspect may not immediately come to mind when looking to hire a tile installer, but you should be looking for it. Professionalism is the key to many successful projects, which you should be looking for in your tile installer.
  • Common Sense
  • Next, you should look for contractors with a good level of common sense. Nothing is more dangerous than a contractor who isn't paying attention to what they are doing.
  • Tile Installation Equipment
  • When hiring a contractor, the last thing you want to be worrying about is who has their equipment. Make sure that whoever is your choice has all the right tools to get the job done right.


How to Find a Tile Installer?

You can look around your area for contractors who offer tile installation services, or you can look online. Various online directories will list contact information for general contractors and tile installers. You can also keep a note in the phone book or the yellow pages for more specific information. 

  • You can also look online for more detailed information about who is doing the work in your area. Also look in trade publications and on the Internet for directories of contractors.
  • Some tile installers prefer to work on commercial jobs only, so if you see one of these types of businesses listed, you should definitely call them. If you don't find a professional tile installer that suits you find local associations that can help you find a contractor in your area.
  • Check online for local contractors specializing in specific jobs, like kitchen or bathrooms. Some homeowners also ask their family and friends if they know of anyone who is looking for work. 

How to Hire a tile Installer?

Adding mosaic tiles to your home's décor is simple to accomplish. From the classic to the contemporary, find the finishing touch that suits your creative goals and have it professionally done.


  1. Ask Questions - Whether you're hiring a contractor to lay new tiles or repair existing tiles, once you've found the contractor that interests you, call and ask them some questions. Ask the contractor about their experience, how long they've been in business, what they charge, what they promise to do, and what their responsibilities are.
  2. Inspect the Job - The next step to find a tile installer is to inspect the job. For a new tile installation, this may be enough to see the flooring. For a repair job, you will need to see the damaged tiles, the condition of the wall, and the tools the contractor will use.
  3. Get It In Writing - When the contractor gives you the keys to the house, you'll want to have a copy of the contract with you. It should include any costs to the homeowner (such as the cost for materials or the contractor's time) and any time or materials for which the homeowner will be responsible.
  4. Tile Handling - When hiring a contractor, you should also be looking at their tile handling skills. Whatever kind of tile you have, you should find the right tile installer with experience handling delicate material safely.


Consider types of Tile Installers:


  1. General Contractors - These contractors install everything from flooring to roofing.
  2. Flooring Contractors - These professionals install floorings, such as tiles, wood, stone, or engineered hardwood.
  3. Stone And Tile Contractors - These contractors specialize in installing tile and stone.

Final Thoughts

When you hire a tile installer, you have a wide variety of companies to choose from. Hiring the installer with abundant knowledge and training to safely and correctly complete a job, boils down to bringing the outcome you are seeking for. When you're ready to hire, get quotes from a few tile installers. The process of hiring a tile installer can be confusing, but with a bit of preparation, you can find the right choice for the job.


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