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How to hire the right Tile installer - Top 10 things to look for

How to hire the right Tile installer - Top 10 things to look for

Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Tile Contractor


From classic to modern, adding mosaic tiles greatly enhances the décor in your home. Achieve your creative vision by selecting the perfect finishing touch and having it professionally installed. Here are the top 10 tips on how to hire a tile installer.


1. Research

Check into individuals or companies in your area that offer tile services. Do an internet search or ask friends for recommendations.


2. Interview


Get information from more than one company before making a decision. Saving money is a consideration, but not at the expense of quality.


3. Ask About Experience


Look for a contractor who has at least two years of full-time experience in a lead role. Make sure he or she has familiarity with laying mosaics.


4. Confirm Certification


Accreditation bodies set industry standards. Feel confident when a company belongs to the National Tile Contractors Association or employs Certified Tile Installers.


5. Inquire About Employees


Ask specifically about the qualifications of workers assigned to your project. You do not want any surprises if subcontractors or less-experienced technicians show up to complete the job.


6. Question Legalities


Reputable businesses are compliant with the legal aspects of the industry, including liability insurance. Confirm state licensure and strict adherence to local codes.


7. View Past Projects


One of the best ways to see quality of work is to view pictures of prior installs. Be wary if there are no images available.


8. Check References


Cover areas relating to the quality of work, dependability, time of completion and contract fulfillment. Question their overall impression and level of satisfaction.


9. Get a Written Contract


Always demand a written agreement when hiring a technician. A contract includes items such as estimated costs, projected timeline and expected results.


10. Assess Your Comfort Level


Choose an installer with whom you feel comfortable. Communication and ease of working together are two areas to consider.


A quality tile contractor pairs seamlessly with our wide selection of high-quality tiles at Mosaic Tile Outlet. Enhance your home today.


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